How to manage Air Transat flight booking?

How to manage Air Transat flight booking?

Air Transat allows customers to make modifications to their flight tickets even after booking. Customers can make the changes by visiting the “Air Transat Manage My Booking” section. They must follow certain steps to make modifications. The steps are given below. 

Online Air Transat manage booking:

Customers must follow the online steps given below to manage their Air Transat bookings:

  • Go to the website of Air Transat.
  • From the top menu bar, Hit on the field stating “Manage my booking.”
  • Now to continue, enter the passenger's name and flight reservation number.
  • Tap on the continue option to get into your Air Transat account and find your Ticket.
  • Once you discover your reserved Ticket, tap on the edit button followed by selecting the option you wish to modify. 
  • Finally, review your entries, and do not forget to save the changes.

What changes can I make through the Air Transat Manage My Booking section?

If you have already purchased an Air Transat flight ticket to your traveling destination and you have your flight reservation code, then you can use the “Manage booking” facility to make the following changes to your reservations. You can also add services to your existing Ticket using this service:

  • You can make name changes to your Ticket if entered wrong.
  • You can upgrade your traveling class.
  • Travelers can select their seats.
  • They can add additional services like special assistance.
  • They can add additional bags.
  • Travel payments can also be made.
  • You can reschedule your flight.
  • Flight cancellations and refund requests can also be made via manage booking.

How to check the Air Transat reservation number?

Usually, once customers complete the booking procedure, the Air Transat reservation number is sent to their linked email address. Customers can therefore search their mailbox to get the flight reservation number. Many times, this reservation number gets lost in other folders like spam; therefore, they must explore all the folders of their linked mailboxes thoroughly. If they can’t find their Air Transat reservation number still after searching, then they can call Air Transat customer services by using: 1-866-234-5136 and obtain their reservation number. 

What is the booking number for Air Transat?

On making a ticket purchase, customers get a unique Air Transat booking number that consists of some characters, and it holds all the details of the Ticket and passenger. Customers can use the booking number for check-in purposes and to make changes to their tickets.

Conclusion: Customers can use the “Air Transat my booking” option to make several changes to their tickets or to add additional facilities. 

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