How many miles are required for a free international flight on United?

How many miles are required for a free international flight on United?

The amount of miles you need to book a free international flight entirely depends on the different factors. One of the main factors is the destination. Suppose we take the example of a domestic one-way flight between Los Angeles and New York. Then it might require 8,000 to 57,000 miles for free booking. If you’re planning to make the booking of a round trip for an international flight, then that is going to cost you at least 60,000 miles. You need to ensure that you keep a check on your miles. 

Factors on which the number of miles depends for free United Airlines ticket booking:

In case you want to know the main factors on which the number of miles depends for free booking. Then you only need to go through the list which is given below. Then you’ll get the idea of calculating the free miles for United Airlines international booking. 

  • Origin 

  • Destination. 

  • Cabin type. 

On these three factors, your miles are calculated. That means if you’re traveling to a country that is far away, then that is going to cost you a lot. 

How to earn the miles with United Airlines? 

You can easily earn the miles with the help of the United MileagePlus miles. Once you have joined this program, you use their card every time you travel with United Airlines. Then you’ll be adding the miles to your account. There are also several other benefits of using the miles option. Some of them are given below. 

  • Unlike vouchers, miles never expire. You can use miles whenever you want. 

  • You can use miles not only for flight booking but even for shopping. 

  • If you have enough miles, you can even book your flight free of cost. 

Connect with a United Airlines agent for details on travel miles

On United Airlines, if you want to make the booking through miles, you can take the help of the customer service team.

Steps to communicate with United Airlines agent for travel miles:

  • Dial the United Airlines official number.

  • Now make the selection of the appropriate options from the IVR menu. 

  • Your call is going to be moved to a person who is trained to handle your issue.

  • Now you only need to explain your query regarding the miles. 

  • That is it. 

You can even connect with United Airlines customer service through email or the chat option. Once your booking is made, you’ll receive a confirmation email regarding your booking. 

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