How to hold a United Airlines flight?

How to hold a United Airlines flight?

United Airlines does allow passengers the option to hold their itinerary without any trouble, as this service is quite remarkable because, with this option, travelers can hold their flight ticket for up to 2-3 days approximately, and ahead of this, you can look for different flights deals which you seek feasible. 

However, if you need to know about United Airlines hold flights and the procedure, then you have to follow a basic set of steps described below for your reference.

Steps to hold a United Airlines flight:

  • First, visit the United Airlines website. (

  • Select fields like origin, destination, departure and arrival dates, number of passengers, and class.

  • Click on the search button.

  • Choose your ticket for the preferred date, and to book, move to the payment section.

  • On the payment page, select the hold button, and your itinerary will be put on hold for 48-72 hours.

Note that if you book a hold ticket under the time, you won’t fluctuate in fare rates, and if case time gets over, your flight will get null-N-void. 

How long will United hold a flight?

Suppose you want to hold United flight tickets for free, then the best way to perform this task is while you book your ticket. However, if your concern is regarding the time for United Airlines ticket hold, then a feature like “Fare-Lock” allows you to hold your itinerary and fare price for either 3, 7, or 14 days for a service charge. Thus, in any case, if you still have doubts left, then contact the United Airlines customer service agent for guidance. 

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