Travel With Your Pet on Air Canada Flight

Acquire convenient help to travel with your pet on Air Canada

Air Canada encourages you to travel to your intended destination with your pet both in the cabin and baggage compartment. You can even conveniently travel with a service animal by understanding the rules and regulations. If you don't want to leave your small domestic dog and cat alone at your home, plan Air Canada Pet travel and reach your destination without trouble. It offers you a cabin with maximum space to stand, turn around, and lie in its carrier under the seat in front of you. Also, add some other imperative services for your pet by selecting the class of the booking and significantly checking out the prices of adding your pet to the existing booking.

How to travel with Pets on Air Canada? 

When you plan your tour with small domestic animals like dogs, cats, rats, and domestic birds and don't want to face any trouble, you must know the services you need for your pets. Air Canada provides an excellent facility to keep your pet secure during your flight journey when you select the cabin or baggage compartment. Also, you need to understand some rules that make you worthy to travel with your pet hassle-free and request the booking for your pet with extra services with a live person. Also have to pay the Air Canada pet charge for one way, around CAD 50/USD for domestic flight journeys. If you fly outside Canada or choose an international flight journey for your pet, you must pay around CAD 100/USD. 

How strict is Air Canada with pet carriers?

If you wish to fly with Air Canada to your required destination and bring your pet, Air Canada is strict with your pet. It provides the rules and regulations to make your flight journey safe and secure until you reach your destination comfortably. So, get some valid points to manage your travel plan for your pet securely. 

  • When you complete your booking with Air Canada and want to bring your small dogs and cats, inform the airline's representative and request to add your pet or book a cabin and compartment with the required space.
  • When you select the cabin for your pet to travel to, you will not be traveling with your pet if you are an unaccompanied minor or sitting in an exit or bulkhead row seat.  
  • Travel with your pet by selecting the baggage compartment as the lay of Premium Economy seats does not provide a safe storage carrier for your pet.
  • Air Canada provides you with closed carriers for your pets that you can keep under the seat and ensure you get the other facilities and services. 

What is Air Canada's pet Policy?

Air Canada assists you in making your travel plan with your pet by selecting the best services and facilities that you will find on its website. Hence, you must also understand Air Canada pet policy to avoid unnecessary doubts and consistently enjoy your flight journey with your pet. Get some valid points below.

  • Air Canada allows you to travel with at least two pets per adult and pay the charges separately at the time of booking.
  • You can choose the carrier for your pet that will be counted as the one standard carry-on item that you can bring on board.
  • Ensure you have a current health certificate consulted with the doctor and your pet must be at least 10 weeks old. 
  • You must choose a big carrier with enough space for a pet who can stand, turn around, and lie down safely and securely.
  • The hard-sided maximum carrier size must be 9 inches H, 15.5 inches W, and 21.5 inches L, and the soft-sided 10.5 inch H 15.5 inch W, and 21.5 inch L.