How to change the DOB on Allegiant Airlines booking?

How to change the DOB on Allegiant Airlines booking?

When you book the ticket with Hawaiian Airlines, the details, including the date of birth, must be correct and match your passport. In case the DOB is not correct, you might face delays in the security screening, denied boarding, etc. Now, what to do if it happened? Well, in that case, you can proceed with Allegiant Airlines DOB change process via the website, call center, and at the airport. The article below contains all about how you can change your DOB with Allegiant Air, Policy, and fee; stay tuned until the end. 

Quick ways to change the DOB on Allegiant Air booking:

If your date of birth is incorrect on the Allegiant Air ticket, make sure to rectify it to avoid any hassle. Besides, here are all the possible options which you can use to change the DOB on Alleginat Air: 

Change the DOB via the website: 

It is one of the simplest and quickest ways in case you want to correct the DOB on the ticket. You can access details on the website and modify the booking using the change reservation option. The step-by-step procedure is explained below; take a look: 

  • Go to the Allegiant Air official site and log in
  • People with no account can directly go to the Manage booking section
  • Provide the booking code and surname, and click on 'Retrieve Booking.' 
  • Select the ticket you need to modify and click on 'Edit Booking.'
  • Make corrections in the date of birth and save the changes 
  • Follow the self-help commands and your booking will be revised soon 

Change the DOB by phone: 

In case you cannot change the DOB online, speak to the agent by calling 1-702-505-8888. You can request them to modify the DOB and provide the booking details. The Allegiant Air agents will make the required modification in the date of birth and share a confirmation message soon. 

Change the DOB at the Airport: 

You can go to the airport and speak to the agent at the helpdesk center. They will modify the DOB on your flight ticket and share a confirmation email soon. Remember to carry all the travel documents as they might need them to be verified. 

Allegiant Airlines DOB change policy:

  • As per the Allegiant Airlines DOB change policy, if there is some error in the DOB, you can modify it via the website, by phone, or at the airport. However, you can speak to the Third party agents directly in case your booking is made through the third party. 
  • You get 24 hours from booking to make modifications for free if departure is seven days later; however, if the risk-free period passes and you change the DOB, the fee applies later based on fare condition, route, destination, etc. 
  • The DOB must be the same as per the details in the passport. In case it is not correct, you might face inconvenience during screening, boarding, etc. 

What is the Allegiant Air DOB change fee? 

Generally, Allegiant Air doesn't charge any fee in case you wish to make only minor changes in date. However, on certain occasions, you might need to pay the change fee based on the route, destination, fare conditions, etc. If you want to know the exact Allegiant Airlines DOB change fees, you can speak to the Allegiant Air representative directly. 

Conclusion: The information above helps you to understand how you can change the DOB on Allegiant Airlines booking. Besides, read the DOB change policy highlights to avoid any hassle and inconvenience. For more information about Allegiant Airlines DOB change process, policy, and other details, you can talk to Allegiant Air customer service directly. Moreover, visit the Allegiant Air official website and manage the booking section for other information.