Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy & Charges

How to change the name on Cathay Pacific booking?

The abnormalities and normal human errors can cause a lot of last-minute drama, especially when you book an international or short-haul flight.  If you have booked your flight ticket with Cathay Pacific, and you have misspelled your name, then you can make corrections to your details on the website. You can change your last name at the Cathay Pacific Name Change page on a booked flight ticket by following the given processes:

Change name on Cathay Pacific online:

  • Land on the official website of Cathay Pacific.
  • Sign in with your registered credentials and select the flight reservation you are looking for.
  • You'll get the selected flight details on your screen. Go to the 'Name' dialogue box and tap on the edit option. 
  • Enter the corrected name and review the spelling before submitting your request. 
  • The edit option will require you to attach verifiable documents with proof of your name, mostly your passport. 
  • Once you submit the documents, jump on the checkout window for a detailed invoice of your correction fee. 
  • Pay the fees for the requested change and finish it to get the updated flight ticket. 

Change via Cathay Pacific Phone Number:

You can dial the Cathay Pacific last name change number: 1–888–526–0444 to change or update your last name on your flight ticket. To get a live person on this helpline number, access Cathay Pacific virtual support via an automated IVR service that provides 24/7 solutions for all passenger queries.

Does Cathay Pacific allow name changes?

Yes, Cathay Pacific allows you to change your name without any additional assistance. The name change helpdesk will verify your submitted documents to deny or approve the request. If the documents match your requested changes, you will receive an updated flight ticket with the corrected name on your registered email. 

Does Cathay Pacific allow last name changes?

Yes, you can change your first, last, and middle name on the flight invoice for your next Cathay Pacific flight to avoid the last-minute bumps you face without any preparation. You can get your last name changed for a reasonable change fee, decided by the name change policy. 

What is Cathay Pacific name change policy?

Please find the surmised overview of Cathay Pacific Name Change Policy- 

  • Passengers can avoid the Name change fee if they complete the same modification within the 24-hour window of your reservation time.
  • Any Name Change processed outside of the window will be subject to an applicable change fee. 
  • For any Name Change in existence due to legal ventures such as marriage or divorce, do provide the verifiable documents to support your argument. 
  • For a major change, Cathay will book you a new PNR with existing charges to be paid by the passenger. 
  • If the airline's agent misspelled your name at the time of registering, you won't be required to pay any additional charges. 
  • For all minor changes, you can do them yourself for a minimum change fee. 

How much does it charge to change the last name on Cathay Pacific?

The changes can be claimed for a price range between USD 30-60. The Cathay Pacific name change fees are non-refundable as well as non-transferable to any other flight reservation. 

How do I change my name on my Cathay Pacific membership?

You can access your membership account and log in to access your personalized profile. The profile comes with an edit option, which you can use to edit your name on the membership account or dial the helpline number for a live agent to do it for you.