How to change the DOB on KLM Airlines?

Change The DOB on KLM Airlines

KLM Airlines is one of the famous airlines in the Netherlands, known for its customer-centric policies and services. In case you book a KLM flight and realize that there is a typing error in the Date of birth, ensure you change it before boarding. In case you don't rectify this, there might be trouble at the last minute, and you won't get a chance to board. So, to change your DOB in the ticket, you can apply for it online or speak to the KLM representative directly. The details about KLM change DOB process, policy, and fee we have discussed in the article take a look. 

How to change the DOB on KLM Airlines? 

Unless you book the trip via KLM, you can change the Date of birth via My Trip at KLM, Contact Center, or the airport. Besides, in case the booking is made via a travel agency, contact them directly. 

Change the DOB via KLM website: 

  • To start, go to the KLM official web page and log in.
  • Use the credential and get the booking details
  • Choose the ticket you wish to change the DOB, click on edit reservation
  • You can correct the Date and upload the required documents for verification
  • Once done, you will be easily able to correct the name
  • You might also need to pay the name change fee based on various factors; pay that 
  • Once done, you will soon get the confirmation email; save it for future use.

Contact the KLM Representative: 

The best option is to contact the KLM directly at 1-800-618-0104 and speak to the agent. Share your name change request and provide the verification document; it can be your Date of birth certification, other government ID proof, etc. Once done, the team will do the modification, and you will get an email soon. 

KLM Airlines DOB change policy:

  • As per the KLM DOB change policy, if your Date of birth is not correct, change it immediately by contacting the airline or online. 
  • Your Date of birth should be correct, as the incorrect Date might delay your security screening.
  • Unless your ticket is booked directly from KLM, you can request the Date of birth change via the website, call center, or at the airport. You need to speak to the third-party agent directly in case of third-party booking. 
  • You might need to pay certain charges for changing the Date of birth based on the fare type, route, membership status, etc. 

What are KLM DOB change fees? 

The KLM might charge you some amount in case you change the Date of birth (DOB) on the ticket. KLM DOB change fees range from $ 75 to $ 500 based on different factors. You should talk to the KLM agent directly for exact information. 

Conclusion: Reading the details, hopefully, you learned how the KLM change DOB works. Moreover, remember to go through the DOB Change policy to avoid any hassle. Finally, if you have any concerns, or if further information is needed, you can visit the KLM website directly or talk to the KLM agent on the phone.