Change Last Name on Singapore Airlines Booking

How to change the last name on Singapore Airlines booking?

When you reserve tickets at an airline, the first and last name must match as per the travel documents. So, if you have mistakenly put your wrong surname while making a reservation with Singapore Airlines, you must omit the same prior to your check-in/boarding time. Boarding on the plane is only allowed if the passenger's name matches the submitted documents. So, if you want to know how to change Singapore Airlines last name on booking and what policies are imposed, you must read this blog thoroughly.

Policies to make changes to last name on Singapore Airlines booking:

The Singapore Airlines last name change policy you should be aware of prior to making any requests is mentioned below:

  • A person can request to correct their last name in the issued flight ticket with Singapore Airlines if it is entered wrong. 
  • A passport or a driver's license should be submitted to Singapore Airlines to request the change of last name on the existing booking. 
  • The booking holder would charge a standard fee for making the correction in the last name. 
  • The last name can be changed entirely by submitting the legal documents due to a legal change, marriage, the demise of the partner, or the divorce of the booking holder. 
  • Once the traveler commences the flight, no changes in the passenger's name can be requested at Singapore Airlines.
  • One cannot acquire a full name change at Singapore Airlines for transferring a ticket to another passenger.  

Methods to change the last name on a Singapore Airlines booking:

The methods one can follow to omit the mistake of their passenger's name on a Singapore Airlines booking are listed below:

Via Website

The last name can be changed through the website of Singapore Airlines by following the mentioned guidance:

  • Start with visiting the webpage of Singapore Airlines and logging in with the ticket purchase's email ID,
  • As the homepage is accessed, you can go to the Manage Booking tab,
  • You can find your booking on the page and then select the concerned flight,
  • Navigate the "Edit Passenger's Info" option,
  • Click on the Name Change column,
  • Now, enter the correct last name on the given field,
  • Attach a copy of a passport/driver's license or a legal name change document,
  • Pay the last name change fee and complete the process. 

Via Singapore Airlines Customer Care

The person who looks forward to getting human assistance on the requirement of a change of last name on their Singapore Airlines booking can contact customer care using the following number: +1 (833) 727-0118. Once you avail a human on your call at customer care, you must share the details of the booking and state the last name to make the correction. You might be asked to fax the required documents to Singapore Airlines for verification purposes. 

What is the fee to change the last name on the Singapore Airlines booking?

In case you are concerned about the cost of name correction and want to know the Singapore Airlines last name change fees, it vary between USD 50 to USD 200 based on the fare type.