Change Name on Southwest Airlines Booking

How to change my name on Southwest Airlines?

While making the flight reservation in a hurry, customers make mistakes, and filling out the incorrect name is one form them. To resolve that issue, Southwest Airlines provides these customers the option of name change; through this option, the customer can modify their name as per convenience. As early as you make the Southwest Airlines name change request, the airline will charge a low cost. 

To change the name on Southwest Airlines booking, there are different modes available, but the most hassle-free option is to use their official website. Through this option, customers can make name changes anytime whenever they want and in case if they do not have information about the process, then read the below process. 

  • Visit Southwest Airlines' official website 
  • following that, choose the manage booking section 
  • Now mention the last name with the PNR number 
  • Further, you must select the name change tap and fill out the correct name 
  • Next, save the changes and check if there are any charges available, then pay them
  • Lastly, the executive of Southwest Airlines will provide you with the email of successfully changing the name.

Can we change the last name on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, you can make the Southwest Airlines last name change as per your preference, but you have to make the name change request 48 hours before the departure time, and you need to show all the genuine documents related to that correct name. But if any customers change their last name due to marriage or divorce, they will not need to pay any charges, but showing the legal documents is required. If you want to change the last name, then you can use the official website, mobile application of Southwest Airlines, etc., but it will help you if you communicate with their customer service team as they will information all the details about the name change policies, fees, etc. To connect customer service for name change you have to give the call to 18004359792 and resolve the queries. 

What is the Southwest Airlines name change policy?

There are several policies provided by Southwest Airlines; name change policies are one form them; having information about these policies is essential as it will help you to know whether you can change your name or not. In case you do not know these Southwest Airlines name change policies, then you can go through them below. 

  • Southwest Airlines is only allowed to modify 3 to 4 letters of the name, and for that, the customer has to provide all the legal documents with that correct name. 
  • In case any customers are looking to make more changes or want to change their complete name, then they have to communicate with the representatives of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Customers who are getting married or divorced after making the flight reservation have to show all the certificates of their previous name and correct name while changing the name and at the airport counter. 
  • If the customer has two different names and they have passports with both names, then they will need to purchase two different flights with each name. 
  • The name change request will only approved by the airlines if the customer does not check their bags, and if the customer is looking to expand the initials do not need to pay a name change fee
  • Southwest Airlines is only allowed to change the name if the ticket is unused; the partially used tickets are not allowed by the airlines to change the name. 

How much does it cost to change the name on Southwest bookings?

The Southwest Airlines name change fee will vary as per the number of letters you are modifying, but still, you have to pay between 80 USD to 200 USD.