How to change China Eastern Airlines flight?

How to change China Eastern Airlines flight? 

There are many situations where passengers need to change their China Eastern flight. The passenger wants to change their flight and can use the online method or visit the airport. The online method is the simplest and quickest method. To change China Eastern Airlines flight, they need to follow the given information-

  • Open the web page of China Eastern Airlines. (
  • Locate your mouse in my trip section. 
  • Provide your six-digit reservation code and the passenger’s surname. 
  • Click on the log-in option.
  • Again, locate your mouse and click on the booking history option. 
  • Choose the booking that you wish to edit your flight. 
  • Tap on the change option and select the flight date option. 
  • Choose your new flight date and provide the required details. 
  • Click on the submit option. 
  • Recheck your details before submitting it. 
  • You must pay the charges if you change your flight after 24 hours. 
  • To pay the charges, you can use these methods, net banking, credit or debit card. 
  • You will receive confirmation from the China Eastern Airlines representative on your credentials quickly. 

Visit Airport-

A traveler needs to change their flight date, and they can visit the airport. Go to the help center, and ask the representative to change the flight date and provide the required details. Choose the new date, obtain confirmation at the registered email, and text the contact number.

How do I change my flight date on China Eastern Airlines?

If you wish to change your flight, you can dial the China Eastern Airlines phone number, and you will get assistance from the airline representative. Dial the China Eastern Airlines flight change phone number-(800) 200-5118. Follow the IVR menu option, and press the command according to the query. Get connected with the live person, and ask them to change your flight. The representative will change your flight and provide you with the confirmation of your registered credentials quickly. 

What is China Eastern Airlines flight change policy?

Whenever you wish to change your flight, you can do it. Before changing the flight, you should know about this- China Eastern Airlines flight change policy, and you will know about the terms and conditions. You can read the given information here-

  • The airline allows travelers to change their flight date within 24 hours of the reservation without paying extra charges. 
  • If the passenger wants to change their flight date after 24 hours, they can do it but must pay the additional charges. 
  • When the airline makes any changes to your flight ticket, you don’t need to pay any penalty fees. 
  • If you change your flight date and have joined any airline program, you can do it without extra charges. 
  • If you have an international flight, you can change your flight date within 48 hours of the flight departure. 

How much does it cost to change a China Eastern Airlines flight?

Suppose you want to change your flight, but the time is less for your departure, and you want to know about the change fees. The change fees depend on various factors and including fare type. The China Eastern Airlines flight change fees are approximately $100 to $400. To acquire more information about this, you can speak with the airline customer service and acquire all the information from the airline representative.