Domestic Airlines And Flights In Spain

Domestic Airlines & Flights in Spain

Spain is one of the developed countries in the world located in the European context and surrounded by waters on three sides and has great proximity to the straight of Gibraltar and has many places in the country to visit for peace of mind, to visit these places many airlines are working in Spain and connect the places of Spain for providing ease of movement in Spain by providing international as well as domestic air transport services.

Places to visit in Spain


It is the capital of Spain and the largest city as well. This city constitutes a diversity of the groups belonging to this region, It is known for its nightlife and colorful cities. It is one of the most preferred tourist locations in Spain for travelers.


Barcelona is another city in Spain located in the coastal area of Spain and contains some of the most iconic places like Park Guell, the charming Gathi Gotic (Gathic Quarter), nightclubs adjacent to the beach and there are lots more in Barcelona which compels tourist to come and enjoy this area.


Granada is a place located in Spain in southern Spain's Andalusia region and they have a perfect mixture of the tradition of Spain with the animated nightlife all this makes it a perfect destination for a vacation in Spain.


It is another famous Spanish city which is located on the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula it also offers lively festivals and great nightlife which makes it a complete package of tourism.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a place located in the Galicia region of Spain and famous as the final destination of the traditional pilgrimage which is important to many Christians because this place is considered as the place where St. James is buried. This city entices thousands of visitors per annum and is considered an important city in Spain for both religious and tourism reasons.

Airlines Operating in Spain

Air Europa

  • Description: Founded in 1986 serving more than 40 destinations with a fleet size of 45 aircraft has its headquarter in Mallorca, Spain.
  • Website:

Air Nostrum

  • Description: Founded in 1994, provides air services at 58 destinations with a fleet size of 49 aircraft and has its headquarter in Valencia, Spain.
  • Website:

Binter Canarias

  • Description: Founded in the year 1989, provides air services at 20 destinations with a fleet size of 28 aircraft it has its headquarter at Tenerife North Airport, Spain.
  • Website:


  • Description: Founded in the year 2008, providing air services since 2012 at 6 destinations with a fleet size of 7 aircraft it has its headquarters at Gran Canaria Airport, Gran Canaria, Spain.
  • Website:

Evelop Airlines

  • Description: Founded in the year 2013 providing air services at 9 destinations with a fleet size of 6 aircraft it has its headquarters at Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
  • Website:

Privilege Style

  • Description: Founded in the year 2003 with a fleet size of 4 aircraft have its headquarter at Palma de Mallorca, Spain.
  • Website:

While travelling to Spain, a traveller can explore many traditional cities with some ancient ruins, relaxing beaches, Ambient resorts and, villages and Domestic Airlines and flights in Spain are acting as the source which connects all the whole of Spain with the air transport services. In this article, we have summarized most of the air service provider of Spain.