Get extra legroom on Spirit Airlines Reservation

How to get extra legroom on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines does not offer multiple fare classes to its passengers due to its low-cost fares and has basic seating arrangements that are standard for flying. However, if you are concerned about your additional comfort and require extra legroom for the journey, you should book the Spirit Airlines Big Front seat. This seating option avails ample leg space on the flight to travelers. To get the extra legroom on your Spirit Airlines flight, you should make sure you make the advance seat selection and pick a big front seat. One can choose the seats with extra legroom at the time of booking or up until the flight's check-in. Find the suitable procedure you can follow in further context.

Select Seat while booking

If you already have considered that you need a seat on the Spirit Airlines flight with extra legroom, you are permitted to make the bookings accordingly using the official website. For that, you will have to adhere to a few steps mentioned below:

  • Start with landing on the Spirit Airlines webpage,
  • In the Flight window, you will have to put your requirements for the flight,
  • After clicking the Search key, you will avail the results of flights,
  • Now, view the details and select a flight to proceed with booking,
  • first, you will be asked to provide the passenger details on the page,
  • Next, on the additional service page, you must pick the "advance seat selection" option,
  • A seat map of the flight with the essential details will pop up on the screen,
  • Make your preference for the seat based on the extra legroom,
  • After that, you will have to complete the payment of your Spirit Airlines flight booking along with the additional charges for the seat selection, 
  • The flight ticket will be shared with you via email once the payment is completed. 

Select Seat after booking

Sometimes, travelers change their preference for their flight journey and can require extra legroom on their existing flight booking. Spirit Airlines allows their customers to change their booking according to their needs before boarding. So, if you are considering adding extra legroom on your flight, you have to go with the advanced seat selection option. This option allows you to select your seat in advance with Spirit Airlines, which has ample legroom. Given are the steps for selecting your seat on your own in an exciting reservation:

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines page and open the "My Trips" section,
  • On the available columns, you will have to put your reservation code and last name to get your booking details,
  • Next, look for the "Seat Selection" option on the page,
  • Pick the seat with ample legroom on the seat map,
  • Pay the price for the seat you have picked on the flight, and the seat will be confirmed. 

Does Spirit have seats with extra legroom? 

Yes, Spirit has seats that offer extra legroom on the flight. The seats at the front of the plane are known to be the most spacious for travelers and are called Big Front Seats on Spirit Airlines. The emergency exit row also has extra legroom seats, which you can choose as per your preference. There are additional charges for requesting these seats on the plane for additional comfort. The Spirit Airlines extra legroom charge ranges between $12 and $250, based on the destination you are flying to and the distance covered. You can easily avail the seats with extra legroom using the website. If needed, you can also contact the customer care of Spirit Airlines and make your request for seating from an official person you connect with on the call.