How to get Singapore Airlines big seats?

How to get Singapore Airlines big seats? 

Do you want to get some extra space around your seat, or do you wish to leave the airline quickly as it lands? Your reasons can be different for getting a preferred seat on Singapore Airlines. The passengers can acquire Singapore Airlines big seats, as the airline does not assign a seat to the passengers themselves; instead, they give you a chance to select your preferred seat. For more detailed information, you can read this article.

How to get the best seats on Singapore Airlines?

Passengers can select a seat of their choice at the time of booking. However, if they miss choosing a seat while making a reservation, do not worry, as Singapore Airlines best seats can be selected even after the reservation. Here is discussed how to do that: 

  • Visit the official page of Singapore Airlines. 
  • Navigate to the "Manage my Booking" option. 
  • Enter the passenger's last name along with the booking reference code and tap on Retrieve Booking to get the details of your booking. 
  • Next, get into the menu to select the "Seat Selection" option. 
  • On the next page, get a seat map, select the seat of your choice, and move next to make the payment. 
  • Once you pay for the seat, the airline will share the details through your registered email ID. 

What is the Singapore Airlines seat selection policy? 

Passengers are required to follow the seat selection guidelines of Singapore Airlines. To be able to choose their preferred seat, they must meet the airline's requirements for seat selection on the flight. Here are some points to keep in mind regarding Asiana Airlines' seat selection policies:

  • Passengers can select a seat anytime after booking, up to 24 hours before the flight's departure, via managed booking.
  • Once passengers have completed the check-in process, they will no longer be able to select a seat.
  • The airline will charge an additional amount for preferred seats.
  • If a passenger does not select a seat, the airline will automatically assign them one.
  • The seat selection charges vary depending on the chosen seat and cabin class.

What are the available seat options at Singapore Airlines? 

The passengers have various seat options to select from. This section of the article discussed the type of seat and the cost associated with it. 

  • Extra Legroom Seat: These seats are more spacious and allow you to stretch your legs for more comfort while traveling. The seats are available in both Economy and Premium Economy Class for $25. However, these seats are near the emergency exits; thus, you will have to fulfill some criteria to be eligible for these seats. 
  • Forward Zone Seat: The Forward Zone Seats are near the exit gate, so you will be among the passengers who will be the first to leave the flight. A special offer for the passengers booked a flexi type fare, as they can select these seats for free or pay a fee of $15. 
  • Standard Seat: The Singapore Airlines big seats price of standard seats starts at just $8, or you can book a seat for free with standard and Flexi fare types.