Get Singapore Airlines Extra Legroom

How to get Singapore Airlines extra legroom?

The seat upgrades are bestowed to passengers upon verifying the requests as per the Singapore Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy. The same procedure is followed to drive extra legroom seats at Singapore Airlines. You can purchase an extra legroom seat at the time of booking from the checkout window. However, if you fail to do so, you can still request such an arrangement from the airline upon following the given steps:

  • Go to the best browser service available for service in your network area. 
  • Jump to the search bar and enter Singapore Airlines' official website address,, and access Manage Bookings. 
  • Enter the respective credentials for every dialogue entry to log in.
  • Once you have access to your reservation details, land the Seat Assignment page after choosing to select a seat. 
  • Select an exit row seat with additional legroom from the displayed Seat Chart. 
  • If you receive any fare difference pop-up upon selecting a seat, pay for your requested purchase and Finish. 

The above online procedure can get you Singapore Airlines extra legroom seats without any extra hassle. But, if you do end up forgetting to prioritize your travel comfort at the initial levels, you can still request a last-minute upgrade at the airport kiosk. Go to the check-in desk and ask an executive to get you an extra legroom seat. Pay for your purchase to enjoy a comfortable seat post-boarding the flight. 

Does Singapore Airlines have extra legroom seats?

Formerly known as preferred seats, extra legroom seats are very convenient for your travel comfort, and they accommodate the passengers in a relatively comfortable position. The seats have additional leg space to ease up the passenger's body posture as well as provide a breezy corner for their legs. They are also equipped with wider chairs and a better reclining position. The characteristics of Singapore Airlines extra legroom seats are listed below:

  • Extra legroom seats are installed in the economy as well as premium economy cabins of Singapore Airlines. 
  • The Singapore Airlines extra legroom seat costs: USD25- 150 for a particular flight segment. 
  • Include more leg space, and are non-transferrable from one passenger to another. 
  • You are entitled to any refunds if you cancel an upgrade to extra legroom seats at Singapore Airlines. 
  • Since the seats are installed near the exit row and the front row, you must fulfill certain criteria to avail of such an upgrade. 
  • Apart from this, you can get a free extra legroom seat at Singapore Airlines as well if no seats were purchased before the check-in opens for that respective flight. 

What are the best economy seats on Singapore Airlines?

All extra legroom seats are considered best for passenger comfort for your upcoming trip with Singapore Airlines. However, it is advised to avoid the windowless seats at Boeing 77 aircraft operated by the airline. The solo seats on Singapore Airline's Airbus A350-900ULR are also exceptional for their roomy characteristics. 

Bottom Line: The extra legroom seats can be booked for a minimum charge or even free of cost. You must avail yourself of this amazing seat selection to improve your in-flight experience.