What is Hawaiian Airlines' pet policy?

What is Hawaiian Airlines' pet policy?

Passengers who love to travel with their pets should make a flight reservation with Hawaiian Airlines, as they offer the best flight services at a reasonable amount. However, there are a few restrictions, and only a few types of pets are allowed. You can read the Hawaiian Airlines pet policy to get any further information, and if you encounter any problem, then get through with a live executive who will guide you. 

Given is a list of a few points from the Hawaiian Airlines' pet policy:

  • The pets that are allowed in the Passenger's cabin are dogs and cats.
  • Hawaiian Airlines recommends that you make the reservation for the pet at the same time as your booking.
  • The total weight limit allowed for the pet, including the carrier, is 25 lbs. 
  • Traveling with pets is only permitted for flights within the states of Hawaii and the US mainland.
  • The maximum dimension limit for the pet carrier is (36" long X 25" wide X 28" high).
  • Your pet will be inspected at the check-in counter, and their weight is also going to be measured.

Procedures to add a pet to your Hawaiian Airlines flight:

To add your pet to the Hawaiian Airlines flight, you can use two different methods. Go through the instructions given below to learn more about these methods and their procedure:

Via Online Method - 

Using the "Manage Flights" option from the official website is one of the effective methods for adding a pet to your Hawaiian flight. You need to provide the required documents and follow the instructions on the screen. Below are the instructions to add a pet to your flight through the online method:

  • Open the official Hawaiian Airlines website or their mobile application.
  • Tap on the "Manage Flights" section.
  • You have to provide the flight details including the "Booking Code" and "Last Name" as mentioned on your ticket.
  • Select the option to add services to your flight and tap the button to add a pet.
  • Fill out the details and provide the required documents.
  • Pay the ticket amount for your pet and save the e-ticket on your device.

Via offline method - 

Another best alternative for Hawaiian Airlines pet travel is to call their reservation number (1-800-367-5320). When you get in touch with a live person, they are going to add the pet to your flight and also share the necessary details. If you want to add the pet via the offline method, then follow the mentioned steps:

  • Dial Hawaiian Airlines telephone number.
  • Choose the IVR option to add services to your flight.
  • The call is going to be transferred to a representative at the airline.
  • Share the flight details and explain the arrangements you want to make.
  • They will provide the information and also assist you in adding the pet to your flight.

Does Hawaiian allow pets in the cabin? 

Hawaiian Airlines only allows dogs and cats to travel in the cabin, and the rest of the pets will travel as checked baggage in their carrier. You also need to provide the relevant documents and certificates of the pet. However, you must remember that only one pet is allowed in each carrier. The dimension of the carrier should not exceed more than (16" long X 10" wide X 9.5" high). Read the airline pet policy to get any additional information.

How much does it cost to fly a dog out of Hawaii?

Passengers who want to travel with their pet on the flight have to pay the Hawaiian Airlines pet charge, which may vary from $80 to $230, depending upon the destination. You can pay these charges online through the "Manage Flight" option or by visiting the airport. For any further details, communicate to customer service.