Hawaiian Airlines Plus-size & Bigger Seats

Does Hawaiian Airlines have bigger seats? 

Yes! Hawaiian Airlines offers bigger seats in case you need more comfort on board. The Hawaiin Airlines extra comfort seats have around 5 inches of additional legroom when if you compare it with Economy. These seats are available on almost all the routes from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii. Besides, some changes might occur based on the aircraft, route, and row. Moreover, if you want more legroom in addition to extra comfort, choose the extra comfort seats in the exit row by paying an additional fee. The Hawaiian Airlines big seat price or extra comfort seat price depends on the flight; the distance traveled, and the time of year. You can choose the blogger seats at the time of making a reservation or later by accessing the booking information. Moreover, you can always talk to the Hawaiian Airlines customer representative directly if you need any assistance. 

Is Hawaiian Airlines plus-size friendly?

Most of the seats in Hawaiian Airlines are 18 inches. Besides, Hawaiian Airlines always prioritizes passengers' safety, and for plus-size passengers, there might be a safety issue. In case you are not able to sit comfortably with the armrest of your seat down, in that case airline tries its best to provide you with the best alternative. In addition, if you feel you might need extra room, book the extra seat in advance, or you can also choose extra comfort seats for additional leg space. Remember, it is best to reserve the seat by contacting the Hawaiin Airlines web support center directly at 1 866 586 9419. The agent will help you book two adjacent coaches or extra comfort seats. The airline will charge you the lowest available fare for them. Moreover, if you book extra seats online, they might not be guaranteed. 

What is the weight limit on Hawaiian Airlines? 

The maximum weight limit of checked Baggage in Hawaiian Airlines is 70 lbs (32 kg), and the minimum is 50 lbs (23 kg). However, in case your baggage is heavier, you can pay additional overweight charges to the airline. 

What is Hawaiian Airlines preferred seating? 

The Hawaiian Airlines main cabin preferred seats are in a favorable location, such as aisle seats or ones that are closer to the boarding doors. With the preferred seating, you get all the main cabin essentials and signature in-flight service earlier and will also be able to disembark first. The signature in-flight service includes complimentary snacks and meals, beverages, and free in-flight entertainment options. You can purchase the main cabin's preferred seats at the time of booking or can upgrade to preferred seats by paying a fee. However, the main cabin's preferred seats are limited, so you must make your selection as early as possible.

The Pualani Elite or Premier Club member can also book the Main cabin preferred seats for free; they can log in to their HawaiianMiles account and see if the fee is waived. Else they can go to the reservation booking and enter the HawaiianMiles number. In case Pualani Elite members or Premier Club members are on the reservation, they and their companions can choose the main cabin preferred seats for free. 

Conclusion: Hawaiian Airlines offers various seating options to meet the requirements of all categories of passengers. Those who need big seats can choose two adjacent seats or Hawaiian Airlines big seats (extra comfort with more legroom)). Remember you need to pay a certain fee when choosing seats apart from the standard one. In case you are looking forward to getting additional information or have any confusion, talk to the Hawaiian Airlines customer representative directly. You can also explore the official website of Hawaiian Airlines and visit the seating options page.