How can I change my flight date on Malaysia Airlines?

How can I change my flight date on Malaysia Airlines?

People sometimes prefer to make the bookings early enough to avail of the discounts and cheaper flights. But if there is any last-time change of plans and you want to make a few changes to  Malaysia airlines change flight, you can do it quickly. Earlier, the change was not possible, and the process was complex and hassled to go through. If you plan to make changes to your booking through Malaysian Airlines, the process has been made easier. You can go through the following to know more. 

Steps to change Malaysia Airlines flight online:

If you want to make changes to your booking, you can do it the most straightforward way: through the online method. Follow the steps mentioned to change the Malaysia Airlines flight online:

  • Go to Malaysian Airlines website or dial 1800 102 7778 or +1-802-430-6211

  • Click on the Manage booking option.

  • Enter the booking reference and last name of the passenger.

  • Now you will be retrieved to your booking. 

  • Select the change option.

  • Make the necessary changes for Malaysia Airlines flight destination.

  • Click on proceed. 

  • Check the email address entered for the confirmation mail. 

  • Now, it will take you to the payment page. 

  • Make the payment needed, or click on Skip. 

  • Click on the confirm tab after taking note of the details of the changes made. 

  • After successfully changing the dates, you will receive a confirmation email and a new ticket with the modified date to your registered email address.

You can also make the changes by giving a call to Malaysia Airlines customer service. You can use these steps to make the Malaysia Airlines ticket change its name.

Steps to change Malaysia Airlines flight on call:

  • Get to the official website of Malaysian Airlines.

  • Scroll down to the Corporate Info section. 

  • Click on the Contact us option. 

  • Scroll to the contact options. 

  • From the given contact options, choose the call option. 

  • Give a call to the Malaysia Airlines phone number 1800 102 7778.

  • Follow the IVR to get connected with Malaysia Airlines executives. 

  • Press 1 to continue in English. 

  • Press 2 to make new bookings. 

  • Press 3 to cancel your bookings. 

  • Press 9 for more options. 

  • Press 0 to be able to speak to a live person. 

  • Press # to disconnect the call. 

Enter the appropriate number and connect with a Malaysia Airlines executive that will help you to make changes to your booking. 

Can I change the passenger name on Malaysia Airlines? 

No, you cannot change the passenger name on your Malaysian Airlines ticket. You can make a few modifications to the title. A maximum of three characters is allowed. Moreover, the Malaysia Airlines flight change fee must be paid if you want to make any changes. And you can make these changes only once. 

What is Malaysia Airlines flight change policy? 

To make changes in your booking, you must know the policies to get it done, and the Malaysia Airlines change flight date charges. The guidelines for making changes to the flight date are as follows: 

  • To make changes in your booking, you must make the modifications at least 12 hours before the departure. 

  • You would have to pay the change fee if you make the changes on the same day as the departure date. The price will depend on Malaysia Airlines flight change policy. 

  • You can make the changes for free if the airline cancels a ticket for any adverse weather condition or emergency that cannot be avoided. 

  • If the airline goes on to change your arrival or departure flight date, you will not be charged any fee.   

  • If you have bought the ticket directly from the airlines and the ticket is customizable, you can make the changes for free. 

If you are trying to make changes to your name, you will have to go through the name change policy Malaysia Airlines flight change policy as given below: 

  • According to Malaysia Airlines name change policy, only a few modifications of up to three characters are allowed. 

  • If you change the family name or add any prefix or suffix to your name, you will have to pay the name change fee. 

  • If you wish to make changes to your name, you must make it at least 48 hours before the departure time. 

How much does it cost to change Malaysia Airlines flight?

You will have to pay the Malaysia Airlines flight change fee of about $175 to $350 if you wish to make any modifications to your flight ticket. If there is a fare change in the new ticket, you will also have to pay for that. You might have to pay the fare difference as of the new ticket. This is decided according to Malaysia airline's change flight fee. 

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