How to get KLM Airlines extra leg space?

How to get KLM Airlines extra leg space? 

KLM Airlines allows its passengers to choose standard seats at the time of check-in for free. However, in case you need an extra leg space seat or the preferred one, you must select it by visiting the ‘My Trip’ section. Besides to get KLM extra leg space, do the following: 

  • Go to the KLM Airlines ‘My Trip’ section on the website using the link 
  • Login to your account using the booking details 
  • Enter the Flying Blue number or email address, click on continue 
  • Select the itinerary you want to choose extra leg space, proceed with the seat selection 
  • Choose your extra leg space seat if available, and you need to pay the applicable charges 
  • Follow the prompt you see on the screen, and you will get a confirmation email with a revised booking soon 
  • Apart from the online process, you can also speak to the KLM Airlines customer service and take their help to get extra leg space. 

What is the legroom on the KLM economy? 

The KLM economy provides various seating options; legroom details are listed below: 

  • Standard seat: Standard legroom is 79 cm & Standard recline is 12,5 cm
  • Economy Comfort seat: The standard legroom here is 10 cm more than a standard seat, and recline is 4-5 cm more recline than a standard seat
  • Extra legroom seat: It has the most legroom that is 61 cm more legroom than a standard seat, and the recline is 12.5 cm
  • Seat in a row of 2: It has the same legroom and recline as standard seats
  • Front standard seat: It is the standard seat in front, so the legroom and recline are the same 
  • Adjacent empty seat: Same as standard seat 

Is it worth paying for Economy Comfort on KLM? 

It depends on your priorities; in case you want more leg space and recline than the standard seat, then you can pay for the additional charges. However, in case the price is quite expensive based on the route or the destination, you can remain booked with the standard seat. The difference in leg space is 5 cm more when flying within Europe, and it is 10 cm more with recline 4-5 cm more than the standard seat when flying internationally; 

How much legroom is on KLM?

The KLM extra leg space price is based on the travel route, time of the day, Flying Blue level, and other factors. If you need to get the exact legroom price, you can get it at the time of booking or by talking g to the KLM Airlines agents. 

Conclusion: KLM Airlines provides various options to get extra leg space. When flying within Europe, the extra leg space is 10 cm more than the standard seat, which is 76 cm, whereas KLM extra leg space international is 61 cm more than the standard seat, which is 79 cm. In case more information is needed or you still have any doubts, you can talk to KLM Airlines directly or visit the KLM seating options on the official website.