KLM Airlines pet policies and procedure

What is KLM Airlines pet policy? 

If you are traveling with your pets on KLM Airlines, some specific terms and conditions apply to it. Here are the highlights of KLM pet policy for your reference: 

Pets in the cabin

  • You are allowed to carry only one cat or dog in the cabin in case you travel in Economy or business class within Europe. 
  • Your pet must fit in a closed travel bag or kennel. The maximum size of the panel should be 46 x 28 x 24 cm and fit underneath the seat in front. 
  • The weight of your travel bag or kennel, along with per, should be 8 kg maximum. 
  • Passengers traveling on intercontinental routes cannot bring a pet if flying in premium comfort class or business class, as putting a kennel under the seat in front of you is not possible. 
  • Ensure to make a reservation for the pet at least 48 hours before the departure when traveling in the cabin. You can reserve the pet by visiting the ‘My Trip’ section on the website. 

Pets in the hold

If your pet is big enough to accommodate in the cabin, you can bring them in the hold. The KLM passengers can bring up to 3 pets in the hold, and they can share the same kennel in case the weight is less than 14 kg each, and they are two adults with comparable size or three animals up to 6 months old having the same litter. 

Ensure the combined weight of the pet and kennel is less than 75 kg. The kennel size should be less than 122 x 81 x 89 cm.

How strict is KLM with pets? 

KLM is quite strict about the pets and ensures the pets and the passengers travel safely. With KLM, you can travel with your small pets in the cabin and large pets on hold. The pets must be fitted in their kennel and meet the necessary weight and dimensions. KLM does not allow snub-nosed animals in the hold as they might have trouble breathing because of high temperature and stress. However, you can take them in the cabin with you or transfer them in the cargo. 

Can you take pets on KLM? 

Yes! You can take pets on KLM unless they meet the standard criteria. KLM only allows to take dogs and cats; other animals are not allowed. Besides, if you are carrying them on hold, the weight must not be more than 75 kg, and the size of the kennels should not be more than 122 x 81 x 89 cm on KLM flights and 102 x 69 x 76 cm on Cityhopper flights. 

How much is a dog at KLM?

If you take your cat and dog at KLM, then the fee ranging from EUR 75 to EUR 400 per on-way applies. It might be a large price range because the cost varies based on the departure airport and destination of passengers. In case you want to get the exact price for KLM pet travel, check it at the time of reservation or by speaking to KLM customer service directly.