How to select a seat on a Lot Polish flight?

How to select a seat on a Lot Polish flight?

LOT Polish Airlines provides the benefit of flexible seat selection. Seat selection is available on all LOT flights. The airlines have three seat categories: Extra space seats, Front seat selection, and standard zone seats. Passengers can select their seats in any of these areas by paying a certain amount. The price of the aisle and window seats is higher compared to the middle seat. 

So, if you want to select your seat on a LOT Polish flight and want to get an insight into Lot Polish seat selection cost, then go through the methods mentioned below and get your hands on your favorite seat.

Steps to select a seat on Lot Polish flight: 

  • Open the official website of LOT Polish Airlines.
  • Look for Manage Booking and select it.
  • Enter your booking reference and surname and click on Next.
  • Check for the availability of seats and select your preferred seat from the available options and click on confirm.
  • After that, you should make the required payment if there is any.
  • At last, you will receive your e-boarding pass on your email ID with the same seat.

How to call Lot Polish to pick a seat? 

LOT Polish Airlines also offers the service of selecting your seat via phone. Passengers can reach customer service through the Lot Polish seat selection phone number, which is mentioned on the website of the airline. To know the contact number, follow the steps given below:

  • Head to the website of LOT Polish Airline.
  • Then, click on Help Centre.
  • Look for Contact Us and click on it.
  • You will see the text saying,’ Call our contact center.’ Click on Go to the Search.
  • After that, select the department and the country to see the contact number.
  • Dial the number and start talking to the agent.
  • They will help you to select the seat.

What is Lot Polish seat selection policy? 

Passengers should be well aware of Lot Polish seat selection policies as these policies can help the passengers get the best seat for themselves and avoid chaotic situations.

The seat selection policy of LOT Polish Airlines is as follows:

  • The seat selection process can be free or chargeable depending on the class of your travel and membership type.
  • The price of window and aisle seats is generally higher than other seats on the aircraft. 
  • Seat selection is not allowed after check-in.
  • If a passenger has passed the process of seat selection, then the airline will randomly assign a seat.
  • Passengers with disabilities are advised to select their seats at the airport.
  • An unaccompanied minor or pregnant lady is not allowed to choose a seat at the emergency gate. 
  • The airline has all the right to change the seat of a passenger sitting at the emergency gate if they find the passenger unfit to fulfill the responsibility at the time of possible emergency.

How much does it cost to select a seat on a Lot Polish flight?

If passengers order the seat selection service 36 hours before departure, they can get free seats. The general Lot Polish seat selection fees have been mentioned below:

Seat selection price on domestic flights. 

  • Extra space seat - 9 USD and Front seat - 7 USD 
  • Seat section price on international flights.
  • Extra space seat - 30 to 75 USD, depending on the destination.
  • Front seat - 22 to 45 USD, depending on the destination.

The seat selection fees also depend on the type of flight ticket. The above data is for Saver and Standard tickets. Passengers with Flex tickets only need to pay for extra space, and the rest are free of charge.

Final words:

Lot Polish Airlines offers free seat selection to passengers traveling in Business and Premium Economy classes. Passengers traveling in Economy class on intercontinental flights can seat their seats by paying an additional charge. Also, make sure to check your ticket details because sometimes the airlines allow free seat selection to the airline members.