How to modify Hertz reservation?

Acquire Details To Modify Your Reservation On Hertz

Hertz is one of the best car rental services, comfortably providing an online booking service from your location. It is mainly beneficial for your business trip that you can find worldwide, including the UK, US, and Europe. You can modify your reservation by selecting the Hertz modify reservation section and adding and removing the passengers or changing the route and destination before your scheduled time. It especially saves you more time, picks you up from your location, and drops you to your required destination on time at an affordable rate.

How to modify Hertz reservation?

If you have booked your car from your location and observe something wrong, you can modify your Hertz reservation by going through the website or using its app. You need to understand that the name of the lead passenger and pick-up location on a reservation can be kept the same, which you need to remember during your booking. However, if you change the lead passenger name or the pick-up location, you must cancel your reservation to book with fresh details. Let's start the way to modify Hertz's reservation as mentioned below.

  • First, visit the Hertz booking website.
  • Go to the reservation section.
  • Select the Modify/Cancel option.
  • Enter the booking details.
  • Change route and destination, add and remove passengers, and change your Card, which you can do in the reservation modification.
  • Pay the charges per the services you make during a Hertz reservation process conveniently.
  • If you want to return your car to a different location, you have to pay the affordable one-way fee, but if you return to the exact site, you don't need to pay any charges.  

Does Hertz charge to modify the reservation?

When you make Hertz reservation modifications online, you must pay administrator charges. Generally, Hertz reserves the right to charge an administration fee for modifying your reservation by calling the live person at the helpdesk service. You have to pay the Hertz modify reservation fee of around $200 plus the estimated rental charges required to pay online. To get more details about the charges during reservation modification, you need to instantly share your travel concern to get an answer from a representative.

Can you change the name on a Hertz reservation?

No, you can’t change the name on a Hertz reservation, but if you are required to change the name, you are required to cancel your reservation. You must be aware of the charges for the cancellation and service charges that you have to pay accordingly. Likewise, if you agree to change the name on your Hertz reservation, you must cancel your reservation and go to the booking section to enter the complete details and book a new car online conveniently.  

How do I change my return location on Hertz?

When you cannot travel with the mentioned details or want to change the return location to drop, you can change your return location on Hertz online. If you are willing to make some essential modifications to your Hertz reservation after changing your plan, you must make some modifications and thoroughly plan your new fresh trip. To change your return location, you must go through the details below.

  • Visit the Hertz booking website page.
  • Select the Modify and Cancel sections on the same page.
  • Enter the booking details to check your reservation status.
  • Select the return location, and ensure you have to pay the one-way fee.
  • Enter the return location address, click the save button, and get the message of reservation modification on your Hertz reservation securely.

You can also connect with a representative at Hertz to modify your reservation phone number and dial 800-654-3001 to request the change return location. You must share your booking details and request for the return location modification service conveniently.