How to select a seat on a JetBlue flight? 

How to select a seat on a JetBlue flight? 

The way a passenger organizes their journey nowadays has changed a lot as they can now perform almost all the operations related to their flight journey online, including seat selection, to make it easier. It is better to select the seats in advance if you are traveling with your family or friends, as JetBlue Airlines have no obligations to provide you with the seats together. You can select your seats at Jetblue Airlines using the methods below.

Method 1: JetBlue seat selection online through the website

You can proceed with Jetblue Seat Selection online to save time standing in the queue at the airport. You can select your seats by replicating the steps described below. 

  • Open the website
  • Click the Manage Trips option at the top of the website.
  • Enter your Last Name & Confirmation code to search for your booking details.
  • Choose the flight in which you want to select the Seat and click the Add Services option.
  • Select your Seat using the Seat Map and proceed to the payments page.
  • Make the required payment online, and your Seat is confirmed.
  • You will get confirmation about the same through an endorsement email.

Method 2: By calling a JetBlue representative

You also have the option to select your Seat at Jetblue Airlines by calling the JetBlue customer service number at 1-800-538-2583 and choosing the seat selection option. Share your booking details with the representative to get the available options. Pick a seat at your convenience and pay the fees through IVR mode. They will assign you the Seat and send you an endorsement email confirming the same.

Method 3: At the Airport

If you cannot pick a seat online or by calling a representative, you can choose one at the airport while checking in to your flight. Share your e-ticket with the representative, and you can pay the required charges to get a seat of your choice, or you will be allotted a seat at random without paying any fees.

What is JetBlue seat selection policy?

You must read the Jetblue seat selection policy mentioned below before selecting your Seat to see the rules of the procedure applicable to your current situation so that you can choose your Seat smoothly under any circumstances.

  • You can select your Seat online if you have booked your flight through the Jetblue Airlines website/ mobile app, call centers, or booking counters.
  • You can choose your seats after booking your flight until 60 minutes before the flight's departure.
  • If you surpass all the deadlines, the airline will randomly allot you a Seat, and you have to pay the appropriate charges to change the Seat.
  • Passengers with wheelchair assistance can not select their seats in the front row of the plane or the seats near the emergency exit.
  • Passengers with disabilities can only choose their seats at the check-in counters at the airport after submitting the proper documents.

When can I choose my Seat on JetBlue for free? 

You can select your Seat anytime after the reservations at Jetblue Airlines, but to pick a seat free of cost, you have to do it within 24 hours of booking, or you have to wait till check-in at the airport, where you will be allotted a seat randomly without paying any charges.

How does seat selection work on JetBlue? 

Seat selection is straightforward at Jetblue as you can select it at the time of reservation itself, or you can do it at the time of web/online check-in. However, if you do not choose your Seat until it is allowed, then a Seat will be allotted to you by Jetblue Airlines, and to change that Seat, you have to pay the required charges.

Why can't I choose my Seat on JetBlue? 

There may be a problem with the JetBlue seat selection not working for you. It may be because you have surpassed all the deadlines to select the Seat, or there may be a technical error. In that case, you can call Jetblue customer care at 1-800-538-2583 to choose your Seat or get the required information.

How much does it cost to pick seats on JetBlue?

The Jetblue Seat Selection price depends on the flight route and the fare you have booked. However, You need not pay any charges if you select your Seat within 24 hours of booking, and you must pay an amount of approximately: 

  • USD 5-25 to choose your preferred Seat on a short-haul flight. 
  • USD 25-75 to select your preferred Seat on a long-haul flight.

How soon can I pick seats for JetBlue?

At Jetblue Airlines, you can pick your seats as soon as you make your reservations. If you want to choose a seat later, you can do it at the time of online/ web check-in, or last, you will be allotted a seat by default at the time of airport check-in.