How do I select seats on LATAM flight?

How do I select seats on LATAM flight? 

The passengers who wish to get a preferred seat on their booking with LATAM Airlines can choose the seats online after the reservation, at the time of online check-in, or the airport. The LATAM Airlines seat selection methods are mentioned below, and you can go through them to assign yourself a set of your choice. 

Method to select a seat after booking at LATAM:

When you hold a booking with LATAM Airlines, and you wonder to get a seat of your choice, then here are the instructions you need to adhere to:

  • Go to the LATAM Airlines site on the browser,
  • Open the My Trips drop-down menu,
  • Next, tap on the “Manage Your Trips” option,
  • Next, you will reach the new page,
  • Search for your trip by putting the required details,
  • Next, you need to select the flight and opt for the Seat Selection option,
  • Choose the seat you want to be assigned,
  • Then pay for the Latam seat selection fee,
  • And the seat will be assigned on your LATAM Airlines flight. 

Procedure to select a seat at the time of check-in at LATAM:

You can select the seat at the time of the online check-in at LATAM Airlines. Here is the check-in process you need to follow:

  • Go on the LATAM Airlines official site,
  • Then you need to select the “Check-In” option on the My Trips tab,
  • Next, put all the required details in the mentioned fields,
  • At the end of the page, you have to click on the “Seat Selection” option,
  • You need to choose the seat you require on the seat map,
  • Next, pay the applicable charges and complete the check-in process,
  • You will receive the boarding pass with the selected seat assigned on the flight. 

Method to request a seat select at LATAM Airlines help desk:

You must reach the airport a few hours in advance to board your flight. Go to the help desk of LATAM and ask the available representative for the seat selection by sharing your flight number. The representative will first check the available seat options then you can decide which one you like to assign. Share your flight ticket and other details and wait for the representative to submit the request. You may also have to pay the required charges, and within a few minutes of waiting, the required seat will be assigned on your LATAM flight. 

What is LATAM Airlines' seat selection policy? 

If you like to know the LATAM seat selection policy, here it is mentioned for your consideration:

  • The seats can be selected on the flight in advance before the departure of the reserved flight. 
  • There are certain charges for selecting a seat on the flight of your choice. 
  • The seat selection only depends on availability, and the premium passengers receive priority for the same. 
  • It is not compulsory to pay charges for seat selection; a passenger can also skip the process. 
  • The ticket booked from a third party will not be applicable for the seat selection directly with LATAM Airlines. The passenger will need to approach the same party for the seat selection request. 
  • No seat changes are allowed after printing the boarding pass of the LATAM flight ticket. 

Does LATAM charge for seat selection? 

Yes, LATAM charges for seat selection. However, for the elite members or premium economy class, booking passengers get the complimentary seat selection option. LATAM seat selection cost depends upon the fare type, travel distance, and the assigned seat. The seat selection ranges between $3 to $140. 

Does LATAM assign seats?

If you skip the seat selection process and complete the check-in, then LATAM Airlines will assign the seats as per availability. If you wish to get a seat of your choice, then it is advised that you must select a seat before the check-in, or you may end up in the middle seat or with less leg space. 

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