How to select a seat on a Vueling Airlines flight?

How to select a seat on a Vueling Airlines flight? 

Vueling has brought different seat options that will provide you with a real feeling of home as well as you will get hospitality such as drinks, snacks, and meals from the airline cabin crew at your seat. If you cannot set your seat, then the team will help you out, but for all that, you need to know how to apply for the Vueling seat selection process. You can apply it with the help of the steps mentioned below. The steps are easy and will redirect to the seat selection page quickly. 

Steps to select a seat on a Vueling flight: 

  • Visit the official page of Vueling Airlines. 
  • After that, log in through your account, and the page will open.
  • Go to the Choose Seats Now option, which will redirect to the manage trip page. 
  • Enter your booking code and last name, then click on the go button. 
  • Following that, flight details will be shown on the panel. Under that, click the Choose Seat tab, then tap the seat map.
  • Finally, a map will show you the available seats in your respective flight cabin.
  • You can choose the seat conveniently and click on the confirm button. After that, proceed further, pay the price (if any), and confirm your reservation. 
  • At the time of check, you will get your e-boarding pass along with the seat number on it at your registered email id. 

What is Vueling Airlines seat selection policy?

You have gone through the above seat selection procedure, but now you need to be aware of the policy that will help you grab a suitable seat without any inconvenience. 

  • According to the Vueling seat selection policy, you can select your seat at check-in or after the booking at the manage booking section. Still, if you do not choose any seat, the airline authority will automatically assign you a seat, which will be the final.
  • If you are in a group booking, the seat must be selected in a continuous row without giving any gap between the seats. 
  • You will get a seat near the emergency exit if you are an unaccompanied passenger.
  • According to the Vueling seat selection policy, the authority may assign you a different seat in case of any emergency that is exceptional to handle. 

Does Vueling have a business class?

No, unfortunately, Vueling Airlines does not offer a business-class cabin. However, you can still opt for a better option: space plus that will give several facilities so that you can make your journey happen and be flabbergasted. The facilities are as follows : 

  • More room from 10% to 20% extra.
  • You will receive priority boarding.
  • You can carry up to 2 items of cabin luggage. 
  • You will receive seats from rows 2 to 4.
  • You will get boarding passes quickly. 

Does Vueling make you pay for seats?

According to the rule, the airline will assign the seat if you select your seat from the seat map according to your comfort. Still, you need to pay the Vueling seat selection fees that can vary according to the class type, route, and distance you have chosen for your dream destination. On the other hand, if airline authorities select a seat on their own, then it will be free of charge. 

Does Vueling have extra legroom seats?

Yes, you will be offered extra legroom seats at Vueling, but you need to look for the Airbus A320, which offers space between the seats to stretch your legs completely. Look at the Vueling seat map of the Airbus A320 that shows extra legroom in the exit rows and first rows, which are duo seats with greater legroom. 

Do you have to select seats for Vueling?

Yes, you have to select the seats for Vueling. Otherwise, the airline will assign them by themselves, but if you wish to change the seat, you need to pay the seat selection fees. 

If you still have questions, please contact the airline customer service team at Vueling seat selection phone number 011 34 931 51 81 58, available 24 hours and seven days.