Get an Extra Legroom Seat on Southwest Airlines

How to get extra legroom on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines is categorized among the major low-cost carriers of the States. While it is an economical airline, that means facilities could be restricted, but not the basic ones. So, when you are looking to have a seat with extra legroom space, then you can fulfill the same by picking up the front-row seat. To include those in the booking, you can find various modes and the details about the same can be traced from the bottom. 

Call Southwest Airline:

A piece of accurate information about extra legroom seats, along with the inclusion of the same over the itinerary, could be possible by speaking with the customer service team of the airline on a call. In this, you can have trust, and just by sharing the information, you can reserve a seat. Further, the Southwest Airlines phone number is 1 (800) 435-9792.

Select a seat online from the seat map:

An adequate idea about seats and space can be earned by using the online modes. Here, you can identify the same through the seat map and conduct tasks on your own. Hence, the guide for having Southwest Airlines extra legroom is displayed at the bottom points.

  • Reach the official site of Southwest Airlines
  • Then after, choose "manage reservation" options from the flight options 
  • Now, submit your confirmation number with the first and last name
  • From the next tab, choose the seat options dashboard
  • Later on, pick an extra  legroom seat from the map and choose to continue the icon 
  • Further, pay the cost of your booking and click on the finish options
  • Then, updated fare details could be shown in the registered email.

Approach to the airline counter available at the airport:

When you are unable to acknowledge more about the extra legroom space over the online method, then you can get to the airline counter available at the airport and implement the change. But you can have the same if the space is available on the flight. When you get one, then your request could be completed, and you can receive updated boarding passes.

Does Southwest have any extra legroom seats?

Yes, Southwest has an extra legroom seat. Further, you can find those seats in the front of the cabin, and those there are dependent on the “first come, first serve” principle. Moreover, when you could get the same, then you might certainly benefit from it, and those can be determined from the following points:-

  • Closer to entry and exist
  • Have enough room to stretch out
  • Get to move free and freely
  • Could not feel any dizziness

Which seats have the most legroom on Southwest?

Southwest offers seats with various specifications, and some of them include legroom. So, if you need extra space to be comfortable throughout the journey, then you can choose from these seat categories. Further, you can find these benefits over the front row and window seats.

What is the cost for an extra legroom seat on Southwest?

A seat over Southwest Airlines can be availed without paying any cost, but this is restricted to certain seat categories. But when you choose to travel with an extra legroom seat, then you might have to pay the cost for it. Thus, the Southwest Airlines extra legroom charge could be $180, and it could depend on the airfare and flight routes.

Final Word

in the end, It can be presumed that you can find enough information about the extra legroom seat of Southwest Airlines. Further, if there is something left to cover or you are finding it difficult to understand, then you can connect with the customer service team and have a resolution.