How do I speak to a real person at Hertz?

Ask Your Questions To Hertz Customer Service Agents

Hertz is a renowned car rental company with a global presence and has been offering rental services to travelers for decades. It is known for its vast fleet of vehicles and convenient locations. Hertz aims to provide a seamless rental experience to its customers. However, like any service provider, there might be situations when people need assistance or have questions about their rental experience. In such cases, they can reach out to the Hertz customer service team to get the needed help. The complete information you need to connect with the customer service agent is here.

How do I speak to a real person at Hertz?

If you're seeking direct interaction with an agent from the Hertz customer service team, the most straightforward way is to call their customer service number. By dialing the Hertz toll-free number, you'll connect to a representative who can assist you with your inquiries, concerns, or problems. This personal touch can lead to quicker solutions and a more satisfying customer experience. The steps that need to be followed to connect with the agent from the customer service team are explained below:

  • Dial the Hertz customer service number 1-800-654-4173.
  • Follow the recorded voice instructions you hear when you get connected over the call.
  • To register a complaint, Press 1.
  • To make the new rental booking, Press 2.
  • To gather information about the Elite status Tier, Press 3.
  • To track the rental car arrival status, Press 4. 
  • To ask questions or for any general inquiry, Press 5. 
  • To get the customer service representative over call, Press 9. 
  • Before they connect you with the customer service agent, there will be a short hold. 
  • Once the agent gets over the call with you, explain to them your issue or question to get the necessary assistance.

Other possible ways to contact Hertz customer service

Apart from the calling process, all Hertz contacts to connect with their customer service team and get help and assistance for any problem are explained below.

  • Live Chat: Hertz's website usually features a live chat option. The real-time Hertz live chat service lets you converse with a representative online. It's a convenient way to get quick answers without needing a phone call. All you need to do is follow the basic texting process and get the agent to assist you.

  • Contact Form: People can connect with the customer service agent by completing the contact form. They have to give their contact details, personal information, residential country and the issue you have with your rental booking. It will take up to 24 hours for them to connect with you to resolve your issue. 

People can also look for assistance through the Hertz Help Desk, where they address the most common query of the people and leave the solution there for them to have an instant-read answer. 

What is Hertz's customer service number?

Hertz offers several contact numbers depending on your location and specific needs. Here are some of the Hertz Phone Numbers other than the customer service number for general inquiries, which you can use to reach out to them:

  • Local and Chauffeur Drive Reservations: (91) 95 12 34 1234
  • International Reservations: (91) 124 482 3646 / (91) 124 482 3647
  • Hertz Gold Plus Rewards: (91) 124 482 3646 / (91) 124 482 3647

How do I contact Hertz about a problem?

If you encounter a problem during your rental experience, you can use any of the above methods to connect with Hertz's customer service team. Ensure you provide all necessary details about your issue so the representative can assist you better.

How do you escalate an issue with Hertz?

If your concern needs to be adequately addressed through regular customer service, you may need to escalate the matter. You can request to connect with the supervisor or manager to ensure your problem receives the required attention and gets resolved according to your way. Politeness and persistence can go a long way in achieving a resolution, so you must maintain patience.

What is Hertz's elite status? 

After paying $2,000 or completing ten rentals, you will be awarded the Five Star Elite designation with Hertz. As a Five Star member, you'll have additional vehicle rental options and may receive free upgrades on your bookings. Your earning rate also rises, with 1.25 points awarded for every dollar spent.

What is Hertz Platinum's status?

Hertz offers an elite status program for frequent renters. The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program includes various tiers, with Platinum being one of the higher levels. Platinum status often comes with benefits such as priority car selection, faster rental pickups, and other perks designed to enhance your rental experience and make you feel prioritized.

Is Hertz Gold membership free?

Yes, the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards membership is generally free to join. It's a loyalty program designed to reward frequent renters with various benefits. As you accumulate rentals and loyalty points, you can progress through different membership levels, such as Gold and Platinum, unlocking more perks.

Does Hertz have 24-hour customer service?

While Hertz does offer customer service assistance around the clock on a 24*7 basis, there are certain services whose availability can vary depending on the time of day. In cases of emergency or urgent matters, such as roadside assistance, Hertz Phone Number will provide you with 24-hour customer service support whenever you need or find it necessary.