How do I speak to a real person at Thrifty?

Ask Your Questions to Thrifty Customer Service Agents

Buying a car can be expensive, but you may need it for a family or business trip. Thrifty is a car rental company with its headquarters in the United States of America. The company has been serving several locations worldwide for more than 60 years and has acquired several car rental companies, raising the business in these years. Suppose you must book a car and want a thrifty phone number to discuss the rate and booking process. You can read this article to know your options for contacting Thrifty.

How do I speak to a real person at Thrifty? 

Cars are expensive, and everyone can't get one, but they can get a car for rent. You do not have to worry about the maintenance of the vehicle. Several car rental companies give cars to passengers, and Thrifty is one of them. They offer basic cars to premium cars depending on the travelers' budget. A passenger can book a car on the phone. To get a thrifty car rental reservations phone number, follow the steps here:

  • Go to the official page of Thrifty.
  • At the top of the page, locate the Customer Care option and click on it.  
  • Dial 1-800-334-1705 and join a person on the phone.
  • The agent will provide you with several options. Choose one and pay for it.
  • Thrifty will deliver the car to your place at your given time.

Other possible ways to contact Thrifty customer service

If a thrifty customer service number is not working for some reason, the calling lines are busy due to heavy traffic. The travelers may want to know about other contact options. This section of this article will inform you about various ways to contact the company besides calling.

  • Chat: Chat is one of the best options to get a person from Thrifty after the call. Their chat executive is available to help you. You can book, cancel, and ask for any information from their representatives in the chat. To get a person in the chat, all you need to do is simply land on their official page and click on the chat option in the contact us section and then choose the service you want to continue with from the chat box and continue to chat with their agent regarding your concern.
  • Social Media: The passengers may have to face a bot before they get a person to chat with. To avoid facing a bot’s assistance, you are advised to say Hi to their social media agent. For this, follow them on their social media handles and then move to the chat section and type Hi to the agent. The agent will reply as soon as possible; once you get their reply, continue chatting with their representative about your issue.
  • Email: Travelers have another possible channel through which one can get to their representative: email. Compose an email to the company at with your questions, and they will reply to you within 24 hours.

What is the Thrifty customer service number?

The passengers who have booked or are looking to book a car for their upcoming trip with Thrifty. They may seek contact information to interact with their agent to get a person and discuss several things before and after the booking. The passengers can call the Thrifty toll-free reservations number to make a booking. Other than this, the company offers several other numbers depending on the issue. Read below to get Thrifty phone numbers:

  1. Thrifty Reservation number - 1-800-334-1705
  2. For General Queries - 877-759-5826
  3. For Special Assistance - 855-954-3789

Does Thrifty have 24-hour customer service? 

Passengers do not get a thrifty 24-hour contact number to interact with their agents. Passengers looking to connect themselves with the company are advised to dial them between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

How do I file a complaint with a thrifty car rental?

The Travelers who have booked a car from Thrifty and have faced any problem during travel are advised to file a complaint to the company. The company will review your case and contact you during thrifty car rental customer service hours to further discuss your concern. To file a complaint at Thrifty, follow the steps here:

  • Visit the official page of Thrifty.
  • Scroll down and reach Contact Us.
  • Go to the after-rental section and tap on Complaint to get a form.
  • Complete the form with your personal and travel details.
  • Describe the concern in the comment box and submit the form.
  • Thrifty will contact you to resolve your query.