How to select a seat on a Spirit Airlines flight?

How to select a seat on a Spirit Airlines flight?

If you want to select your seat on Spirit airlines, you can do it through the airline's official website. The Spirit seat selection process starts after you check in with the airline. You have to enter the ticket details and then follow the process shown on the screen, and then you will be able to select your seat. 

Different ways to select a seat on Spirit Airlines flights:

There are different ways to select your seat on Spirit Airlines and enjoy a comfortable ride with your family or friends. You can follow any of these ways to choose your preferred seat:

  • Spirit Mobile App.

  • Official website.

  • Kiosk.

  • Departure Airport.

Spirit Airlines seat selection online:

You can select the seat on a Spirit Airlines flight online through the website. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to select your favorite seat.

Steps to select your seat on Spirit Airlines flight online:

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines website. (

  • Move to the My Trips tab.

  • Select the reservation.

  • Make the change & select the seat.

  • Pay the Spirit seat selection fees.

If you are changing your Spirit flight more than 24 hours before departure you can click the Add or Modify Seat link and complete the form.
If you are changing your Spirit flight within 24 hours prior to departure (up to 1.5 hours prior to departure) you must purchase seats through the online check-in process.

If you are unable to change your Spirit Airlines flight reservation online, then you can call Spirit customer service by dialing the Spirit phone number 1 (855) 728-3555 and requesting the agent to modify your flight as per your need.

What is Spirit Airlines seat selection policy?

If you have made a reservation with the airline and want to know more about how can you select a seat on Spirit Airlines, then you can read the airline policy as they will help you to understand the terms and conditions:

  • You can choose your seat after you make the check-in.

  • You must pay some extra if you choose a window or aisle seat.

  • If you check in early, you can select your preferred seat from the availability.

Why does Spirit charge for seats?

Many passengers want to sit in their preferred seat and enjoy a comfortable flight with their friends and family. The airline provides the option to pay to select the seat of their choice so that they can sit with their family or friends.

How much does Spirit charge to pick seats? 

Spirit Airlines seat select selection starts from $5 depending on the arrival destination and your class. However, the prices are also mentioned on the Spirit seat chart, which you can see on the website if you make the reservation online. 

Can you pick your seats on Spirit for free?

Yes, you can pick your seat for free as you have to skip the selection process at check-in, and Spirit will automatically assign you a seat, but it is not guaranteed that you will sit with your family or friends.

How can I avoid paying for seats on Spirit?

If you want to travel cheaper and avoid paying the Spirit seat selection fees, you can make your check-in for free, and the airline will assign you a random seat. And there are high chances that you will get a middle seat.

How does Spirit randomly assign seats?

Many passengers avoid paying for the seat selection and provide you with any random seat. If you want to know about how Spirit assign seats, then they give the extra legroom seats or aisle seats to the priority passengers, and the leftover seats are allocated to passengers who skip the selection.

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