How to change a Swoop flight?

How to change a Swoop flight?

Do not worry if you have made a mistake while booking the flight with swoop Airlines as the airline provides flexibility to their passengers so that they can make changes in their reservation effortlessly. The changes like date change, name change, flight cabin, etc., are allowed with certain rules and restrictions that you will learn about through this article.

Steps to change a Swoop Airline flight:

Here, are the steps you need to follow if you want to change the Swoop flight.

  1. Visit the official Swoop Airlines website.

  2. Go to the 'my booking' tab and enter your booking details like reservation code and the name, then click on the 'find my booking' button. 

  3. Your booking information will appear on the following window, so navigate the modify option and click on it.

  4. Now make the necessary changes in your flight date and follow the on-screen steps to get the updated ticket on your registered mailing address. 

What is Swoop Airlines Flight Change policy?

Passengers who want to change the Swoop Airline flight must be known to the Swoop Airline flight change policy. Here, we have explained in point all the policies that you should know.

  • Passengers can change date, name or time once by dialing +1-802-430-6211 / 1-587-441-1001 per Swoop Airlines' policy.

  • All the changes in your flight can be done for free within 24 hours of booking the flight.

  • The changes made in your reservation after 24 hours of booking will be charged with a change fee that is applicable based on your ticket type. 

  • All the flight changes can be done through the official swoop airline website or the customer service executive of swoop airline.

  • The changes in your reservation are subject to availability with the swoop airline. 

  • In case of change in the flight cabin, passengers can upgrade their seats from lower to upper class as per the swoop airline flight change policy. 

  • Passengers cannot make changes in the booking once the flight has been departed. 

  • The flight change fee depends on the ticket condition and time left in departure. 

  • While making changes in date or cabin, passengers must pay the fare difference if applicable.

How much does it cost to change a Swoop flight? 

The Swoop flight change costs $150 onwards per passenger and varies as per your changes. 

Can you change flight dates swoop?

Yes, you can change your Swoop flight date. All the changes in your flight can be done manually through the official website in a hassle freeway. 

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