Visiting Amsterdam on a budget

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. This city comprises a large number of canals which forms a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is colloquially referred to as the Venice of the North. It is a glorious city with a great culture and many people visit this city every year but the most common question which remains in the mind of every person visiting here is that will they be able to visit this city in a budget or not because most of the people visit here with a half preparation and improper planning and find their trip end in an exceeded budget than planned.


Air travel

Air travel is one of the most preferred options nowadays when we talk about travelling to a country situated 1000s of kilometres away so it is very much possible that the tickets will cost a very high price which can consume the greater part of the budget. To achieve the task of reducing the travel fair one can adopt some techniques to make their travel a cheap one.

Techniques for fare reduction


  • Booking air tickets online and avoid paying the commission of the agents.
  • Booking air ticket early, it is recommended that a person should book the ticket 60 months before the date of departure.
  • Always plan your journey accordingly, in the off-peak months.
  • Always book the ticket using the help of customer care if you are not able to book the ticket on your own.
  • Use your reward points provided by the airlines.
  • Sign up for low cost flight newsletter for not missing any update regarding the low fare reduction.


For making the tour of Amsterdam always use public transport and avoid hiring private cars for sightseeing in Amsterdam. The transport system include


Metro is considered as the fastest means of transport for the movement in the city of Amsterdam.


The bus network of Amsterdam is very strong and connects the city with all the neighbouring cities of Amsterdam. So the bus system is the easiest way to travel in the city.


Many people travel in and out from Amsterdam by using the train as trains have a strong connection with all the different part of the city.

Hire a Bike

Amsterdam is a very environment-friendly country with the people often contributing to it by using a bicycle as a mode of transportation in the city because it helps in the free flow of traffic included with the saving of the money.



While travelling to Amsterdam city on a budget all you need to do is to eat foods that cost less and for this you can select any of the given restaurants.

  • The Lebanese Sajeria
  • Skek Restaurant
  • Thaise Snackbar Bird
  • Happyhappyjoyjoy West
  • Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis
  • Jacketz
  • De Aardige Pers
  • Batoni Khinkali
  • Yuan’s Hot Pot
  • Rotisserie East

In addition to the above mentioned points you can also follow some other techniques for visiting Amsterdam on a budget like using cash back website while making a reservation at the airlines, look for the last minute deals, buy a travel insurance, eat street food of the city or take your own food, use low cost hotels for the stay or drink free water.

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