How to change WestJet Airlines flight?

How to change WestJet Airlines flight? 

WestJet is the first choice of passengers in Canada due to its facilities and price. It is the second-largest airline in Canada. If you have made your reservation with WestJet Airlines and now you need to make the last-minute changes to your flight ticket. In this situation, you can request for a flight change using the same PNR. 

There are various options available in order to change the WestJet flight. You can change the WestJet flight online on the website, by calling Westjet customer service or visiting the airport counter. 

To know the Westjet flight change online process, follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the official site of WestJet Airlines.
  • On the page's upper side, click "Manage my Trip."
  • Now, fill in the booking itinerary with your reference number and last name and tap on retrieve booking to get your flight details.
  • Pave towards the menu and select the "Manage Flight" option.
  • Select the new route for your journey and click to continue.
  • If there is any fare difference, you will have to pay for that.
  • WestJet will provide the booking details with changes on your registered email id.

Can WestJet just change my flight?

WestJet may change your flight in certain conditions. If there is bad weather, your flight may get rescheduled to a new date to ensure the safety of the passengers. However, if WestJet Airlines makes any such change itself, they will notify you in advance to save you from the inconvenience. 

How to contact WestJet Airlines to change my flight? 

Travelers can ask the WestJet representative to make any changes to their booking. They can use the WestJet flight change phone number below for assistance. 

  • Dial WestJet Airlines phone number, 1-888-9378538.
  • Follow the on-call menu.
  • Identify the Flight change option by hearing the IVR and pressing the key.
  • Next, follow the on-call instructions to change the route or date of your journey.
  • They may send you the payment details on your registered email id if there is any fare difference. 
  • Pay, and you are ready to fly with the WestJet.

What changes can be made to WestJet booking? 

If you notice a mistake later in your booking, then WestJet allows its passengers to make the below-given changes in their tickets.

  • If passengers mistakenly choose the wrong destination. They are allowed to change their flight route after paying the fare difference.
  • WestJet Airlines allows rectifying errors made in the passenger's name while booking.
  • Travelers can select a new date even after booking. However, WestJet will charge the extra if there is any fare difference. 

What is the WestJet flight change policy?

Here is the Westjet flight change policy for the passengers to make a change in their planned journey:

  • WestJet Airline will change the flight only if a flight is available on the given day.
  • The passengers need to meet the fare difference by paying the extra amount.
  • The WestJet will not permit the passengers to change the booking after check-in.

How much does it cost to change WestJet flight?

There are no such Westjet flight change fees for changing the flight. However, travelers need to pay the difference between the fares on the ticket. If the price for booking a new ticket is lower than the earlier one, WestJet will transfer the remaining amount to Travel Bank credit. 

Can you change the name on a WestJet ticket?

You may sometimes make a typing error in your name while booking a ticket. You want the Westjet name change to correct your mistake by making the necessary to save yourself from any problem during check-in. If you face the same issue, you do not need to panic as you can rectify your mistake with WestJet. 

How to change a name on WestJet booking?

Follow the process below and rectify the spelling of your name on the WestJet flight ticket:

  • Visit the homepage of WestJet.
  • Click on "Manage Trip."
  • Fill in the booking summary and click on retrieve booking.
  • Next, go to the menu and select "Name Change."
  • Make the changes and pay if they ask and submit.
  • Get the details of tickets with changes on your registered email id.

What is WestJet name change policy?

The passengers have to fulfill the terms and conditions of WestJet Airlines to make the changes. Get the Westjet name change policy by reading the points below:

  • You can change a maximum of three letters in your name.
  • The name should be according to the government documents of the passengers.
  • WestJet does not allow to make a complete change in the name, and the passenger should be the same while boarding the flight.

How much does it cost to change the name on the WestJet booking?

Individuals have no Westjet name change fees within 24 hours of booking. However, the Airline charges around $76 to $85 for a group booking for each person.

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