How do I get a call back from Westjet Airlines?

Does WestJet call back work?

Yes, WestJet customer service offers a callback option in real-time assistance because sometimes passengers need to travel but are not aware of the new packages that are out from the airline for the best deals. Moreover, the call-back facility is available 24 hours a day, and this service works quite smoothly and conveniently, so in case you want to obtain a call back from the WestJet live person, then travelers should contact the airline's customer service department for getting appropriate help and guidance. 

How do I get a call back from Westjet Airlines?

With the help of the Westjet callback option, the passenger will get complete information about their booking with WestJet Airlines. So to know about the proper procedure for WestJet callback, you will need to follow the below-given points, and you will get assisted quite fantastically.

Get Westjet call back via phone number:

If you want to request a callback from a Westjet representative. In that case, you can use the WestJet phone number. To get the get Westjet callback phone number 1-877-737-7001 follow the steps mentioned below:

Steps to get a call from Westjet via the Westjet callback number:

  • Get to the Westjet website.

  • Go to the contact us page.

  • You will get their Westjet callback number ​at 1-877-737-7001.

  • Dial the number from your phone.

  • Follow the IVR steps.

  • Choose the option to speak to Westjet live person.

  • Wait for some time & you will get connected.

  • Share your callback requirement with the representative.

You will get a callback from them at your scheduled time. Provide them with your booking details as per their requirements.

Request Westjet call back via the form:​​​​​​

  • Visit the official website of WestJet.

  • Navigate the self-service option from the header section.

  • Locate the on-hold help section.

  • Click on Request a Callback.

  • Select any query regarding flights and inquiries on WestJet vacation call back.

  • Select the available date, time slot, and day/time, and provide your phone number

  • Hit on Submit option.

You will then receive a confirmation email or message on your registered number regarding your Request. 

Request Westjet call back via email: 

You can use an email service to request a call back from WestJet Airlines. Follow the steps provided to get a Westjet to call back via email.

  • Visit the Westjet official website.

  • Go to the contact us section.

  • You get an email address that you can use to compose your call back request issue by entering all necessary details and sending it.

Then within 24 hours, you receive a call from a Westjet representative or get the necessary information.

Request Westjet call back via social media: 

  • Go to the contact us page of WestJet Airlines.

  • Scroll down and select the Facebook icon.

  • You will get a messenger icon.

  • Enter your email address and password to log in.

  • Drop a message with the Westjet representative and get instant help.

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