How do I contact WestJet customer service?

How to get in touch with the WestJet Airlines agent? 

WestJet Airlines gives flexibility to its customers through digital service, which includes flight change, flight status, flight cancellation, and many more options. The WestJet customer service agent will guide you regarding your query-related problem. You can contact Westjet customer service with the help of the below-mentioned method.

How do I get through to WestJet? 

WestJet always works with the passenger's needs and requirements and allows you to obtain all the services online at their website. Some unforeseen problems can be there when you need guidance to get rid of all the issues. You can get through with someone at WestJet and speak with the representative. 

Different ways to contact Westjet live person: 

WestJet offers you different ways to connect with their professional customer service and speak with the representative. Hence, the following are the ways that you can choose to get through with WestJet:

  • Westjet Airlines phone number

  • Westjet Airlines live chat

  • Westjet Airlines email

  • Westjet Airlines social media

  • Westjet Airlines contact form

Westjet Airlines phone number:

You can dial Westjet customer service number 1-800-419-0157, where you will connect directly to the live person without any delay and resolve your issue while talking to the Westjet customer service agent.

How do I talk to a WestJet agent? 

You can talk to a respective WestJet live person agent online and offline mode, redirecting you to the contact details page at the website. The modes include a phone call where you can dial the Westjet toll-free number 1 (888) 937-8538 issued by the airline authority. 

Steps to talk to Westjet agent:

  • Browse through the official site of WestJet Airlines. (

  • Move to the contact us section, and select it.

  • After selecting, the page will show you  WestJet Airlines toll-free phone numbers. 

  • Dial the Westjet phone number 1 (888) 937-8538.

  • Then you will connect to the automated voice command or IVR.

  • Press the digits according to your query.

After some time you will get connected to the Westjet agent. Talk about your query to the Westjet agent and they will provide you with the best solution quickly.

How do I speak to a live person at WestJet? 

You can speak to a live person at WestJet on the phone and get rid of all the issues. For this, you can dial the WestJet phone number 1 (888) 937-8538 and listen carefully to the IVR instructions mentioned below:

IVR steps to follow on Westjet phone call:

  • Dial 1 to choose the language

  • Dial 2 to book the WestJet flight ticket

  • Dial 3 to make changes to the existing reservation. 

  • Dial 4 to cancel or reschedule the flight ticket.

  • Dial 5 to know about the baggage-related services.

  • Dial 6 for reward points and miles.

  • Dial 7 to speak to a live person at WestJet

When you press the button, your phone call will be connected to an appropriate WestJet representative with whom you can share your genuine concerns and obtain the fixes in less time.

Westjet Airlines Online Chat: 

You can also contact Westjet through a live chat option in which you will chat with the live assistant regarding your query-related problem. The chat option will provide a chat box to text your issue to the Westjet live person. 

WestJet customer service chat is available on the official site of Westjet 24 hours and seven days.

Steps to chat with Westjet agent:

  • Search for the WestJet official site.

  • Move to the contact us option and click on it.

  • Tap on the Chat us option. 

  • The chat box will appear on your preferred screen.

  • Enter your details and start chatting with the Westjet live representative.

Westjet Airlines social media 

If you cannot get through Westjet through the live chat option, then you can raise your issue on the official social handle on the different social handles mentioned below:

  • Facebook:

  • Linkedin:

  • Instagram:

  • Twitter:

  • Snapchat:

  • Westjet Blog:

  • Youtube:

Westjet Airlines Complaint Form

You can register your complaint to Westjet Airlines through a complaint request form.

Steps to contact Westjet via complaint form:

  • Visit the official site of WestJet.

  • Move to the contact us option.

  • After that, you will get a complaint box.

  • Fill your details along with a query and submit it.

How do I contact WestJet by email? 

You can also complain about your issue regarding Westjet through their official Email.

Compose your issue in detail and send it to the official email id of WestJet customer service. Once the WestJet customer service the USA receives your query, connect with you in less possible time. They can also reply to you with the best fixes by email. Moreover, you can find the official email id on their website.

How do you get a person on WestJet? 

WestJet gives you the facility to connect with their customer service team. You can connect with them directly on the phone and talk to a person on Westjet regarding your issue. Thus, to find the WestJet international number, you can check the below points:

Steps to get a person on Westjet Airlines:

  • Open the official website of WestJet on your device.

  • Select the contact us section to see the different ways to contact them.

  • On the new screen, you will get multiple modes to connect with a person on Westjet.

  • You can select any of the options to get a person on Westjet.

  • Tap on the phone call option to directly talk to a Westjet live person.

  • Provide the applicable country/code and obtain the Westjet phone number accordingly.

  • Once you call follow the automated commands and press the button.

After this, your phone will be assigned to the Westjet live person on the spot with whom you can discuss all the issues accordingly. 

How long is WestJet hold time?

Sometimes, when you dial the Westjet customer service number, you will find your call with WestJet on hold to talk to their representative. Westjet LivePerson usually connects with you in less time than possible, but due to a large number of queries, your phone can be on hold for 2-3 minutes. 

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