How to manage WestJet Airlines flight booking?

WestJet Airlines Manage Booking:

WestJet Airlines tries to provide passengers with the best facilities and services, including the  WestJet Airlines manage booking option. This option helps passengers to make specific changes to their already existing reservations and helps them save time. Manage the booking section designed by the airline so that the passengers can help themselves and the queues at the airport get small. 

How to manage WestJet Airlines flight booking? 

Traveling can be a great experience because it makes the traveler's mind fresh and gives him peace of mind. If you have booked a WestJet flight and, for some reason, you need to change, cancel or upgrade your flight ticket, you can manage your booking with 'manage booking' section of the Westjet official website. To learn more, follow the below-mentioned steps: 

  • To manage a WestJet flight ticket, visit the official website. 
  • Next, click on the 'manage booking' option. 
  • To retrieve the booking, provide the reservation number and the passenger's last name. 
  • After your booking has been retrieved, choose the change you want, like flight cancellation or change. 
  • If you choose a flight change option, select an alternative flight and pay any fare difference. 
  • In case you want to upgrade your itinerary, pay the difference amount. 
  • If you choose to cancel your flight ticket, you need to confirm your cancellation by providing a valid reason. 

What changes can be made through WestJet manage booking selection? 

With the help of the 'manage booking' option of WestJet Airlines, you can perform various tasks. It has several characteristics, and each feature helps passengers make different changes. If you need complete knowledge of the use of the WestJet manage booking option, go through the following points: 

  1. You can submit a refund request: To submit a WestJet refund request, you need to cancel your flight ticket with the help of the 'manage to book' section. WestJet Manage booking section will help you handle your booking with WestJet Airlines. After that, you must submit a refund form to get your money back. 
  2. You can cancel your flight: Passengers can cancel their Westjet flight tickets with the help of this tool. Sometimes you are required to cancel your flight ticket immediately. In that case, the 'manage booking' section comes to the rescue. 
  3. You can upgrade your seat: Seats can be upgraded as per the needs of the passengers. However, you must pay Westjet Airlines any fare difference and some convenience fees. The manage booking section has all the features needed by a flier. 
  4. You can reschedule your flight: WestJet flight rescheduling is possible with the manage booking section. Flight rescheduling is common, and therefore, you do not have to worry as WestJet has a policy for the same. 

Note: Refund, flight cancellation, flight rescheduling, upgradation, and cancellation can all be made by other methods also, such as via phone call or by visiting the airport, but passengers find the 'manage booking' tool quite convenient and easy to use. 

How to check the WestJet Airlines reservation number?

If you cannot find your  WestJet Airlines reservation number, do not worry because it is quite simple to retrieve it. The reservation number is a 13-digit number that is different for different passengers. You can check your reservation number on your e-ticket receipt or the confirmation mail sent by WestJet Airlines.

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