How do I get in touch with Finnair?

How do I get in touch with Finnair?

Finnair is Finland airlines. They provide better facilities if you are traveling with them. The Finnair customer service is good in its own way by providing different types of services to issue. Finnair is also four-star aviation that provides different types of services that such as amenities and cleanliness. They also provide membership opportunities and if you become a member then you can avail of the member benefit. When you book a ticket from Finnair from their website there you can select your native language for booking too.

For general inquiries and feedback on Finnair Airlines, you can get in touch with Finnair at +358 600 081881 which costs  (€1.25/answered call + local network charge)

Finnair Street address: Tietotie 9, Vantaa, Finland
Finnair Postal address: PO Box 15, 01053 Finnair, Finland

What time does Finnair customer service open?

Mon–Fri 8 a.m.–6 p.m.

How can you contact Finnair customer service? 

You can contact Finnair customer service by a different method such as Finnair phone number, mail, and so on. These are some various methods described below through which you can contact customer service:-

Different ways to contact the Finnair customer service team:

How do I get a hold of Finnair phone?

One of the modes through which you can get in touch with Finnair is via call. The easiest and most convenient way to contact Finnair is to directly call the customer service team on Finnair's phone number. With this, it will become easy to solve your problem. Call the Finnair representative and get hold of Finnair to describe the difficulties that you are facing. 

Finnair USA's contact number is +1-802-430-6211 (Toll-free) or (877) 757-7143, this number is only for the US.
Finnair New York Phone: +1 929 474 6049
Finnair Los Angeles Phone +1 323 694 7646 

Steps to get hold of Finnair phone:

  • Visit the official website of Finnair.

  • Go to the menu and check the option customer care.

  • Click on that option.

  • Scroll down the page and you will find out the various options to contact.

  • There you will find the option to select the location for which you want assistance.

  • If you are from the USA, then select the USA and you will find the contact number there.

  • Dial the number on your phone or click on the number.

  • Wait for some time and then you will get connected to the Finnair customer service team.

Finnair Chat- 

You can contact Finnair customer service online through the chat process. There is a step-through in which you can connect with an expert through chat:-

  • First, visit the official website (

  • When you visit the website of Finnair in the top right corner there will be a menu icon click on it

  • Then five different options will be available select customer care from that option. Then you will be directed to a page on customer care.

  • On the page customer care in the left corner, the chat option is available.

  • Click on it and mention your problem in that and a resolution will provide accordingly.

Finnair Email- 

Finnair Email is also a medium through which you can get connected to Finnair representative

  • First, visit the official website of Finnair which is

  • Go to the top right corner there will be a menu icon click on it

  • Different options will be available select customer care from that option. Then you will be directed to a page on customer care.

  • There you see the mail address and from that, you can share your issue via mail.

  • You can also directly mail to their mail address at this

Finnair Feedback-

You can also contact Finnair customer care by filling up a feedback form. In that also you can mention an issue that you are facing. 

Finnair social media-

You can connect via Finnair social media like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. 

These are ways through which you can contact Finnair and you can get an appropriate solution according to your complaint. You can choose anything from this option as per your requirement.

How do you get to Finnair?

You can get to Finnair in various ways that are provided above. The easiest way to get to Finnair is via the Finnair phone number. It will connect directly to the live representative and in this way, it will be easy for you to explain your query. 

To connect to Finnair live person via the phone number, firstly dial the helpline number (877) 757-7143. After dialing, follow the IVR instructions that are mentioned below:

IVR steps to get to Finnair on call:

  • Press 1 - To know about your bookings.

  • Press 2 - To know about the luggage policy of Finnair.

  • Press 3 - To modify or cancel your bookings.

  • Press 4- To know about the rules of airlines.

  • Press 9 - To connect to live Finnair customer service.

Choose the option which is most suitable regarding your query and shortly you will get connected to the real person at Finnair and they will provide you with the solution to your problem in a very easy way. But you need to provide then the information regarding your reservation. Make sure the details of your reservation are correct.

How do I complain to Finnair? 

Few passengers do not feel comfortable, and sometimes they face problems while travelling on the airlines. Those passengers need to complain to Finnair about the problem they face. After filing the complaint, the airlines' officials will work on it and try that this issue will not arise again. If you are travelling with Finnair, you will get many facilities, and if you do not fill comfortable, you can tell the airlines by giving the feedback or filling out the Finnair complaint form. Some common problems that passengers face while travelling is given below

  • Check-in issue

  • Lost of baggage

  • Delay flight

  • Cancellation of flight on the boarding day

  • The seats are not comfortable

  • The meal was not good

  • The refundable amount is not received

  • The boarding pass is not printed properly

  • Problems faced at the airport section

Different ways to file a Finnair complaint are mentioned below:

There are many ways provided by Finnair by which you can complain about them regarding their services and facility. If you have experienced any difficulty while travelling by Finnair plane then choose any of the option to complain to Finnair.

Finnair complains online: 

Making Finnair complaints online will help the passenger save their time and energy as they do not need to visit anywhere, neither the airline's office nor any airport. They can do it by using their mobile phone. if you want to make an online complaint, then you need to follow the process given below

Steps to make Finnair complain online:

  • First, go to the official website of Finnair in your search engine.

  • Now click on to contact us section.

  • After this, you need to select the option complaint and feedback form.

  • Now Fill out the passenger's details like the passenger's name, contact number, and registered email id.

  • After this, you need to fill out flight details like the date of the flight and timings of the flight.

  • Now complaint application form will open, fill out the complaint in the given space and click to send it.

  • Last, the representative will see it and connect with you.        

Complain Finnair through Finnair phone call: 

If you want to go this option, you need to visit the official website of Finnair and click to contact us option. Now you can see several options to contact. You need to select the option of a phone call. After this, you need to fill out a few details like the country's name with Pincode and select the preferred language. A Finnair phone number will come on-screen; make a call on that number and follow the IVR instruction.

  • Press 1 to book a flight

  • Press 2 to cancel the flight

  • Press 3 to make changes in the flight

  • Press 4 to refund

  • Press 5 to register a complaint

  • Press 6 to know about miles

  • Press 7 to luggage-related issue

  • Press 8 for information regarding disabled passenger

  • Press 9 to go back menu

Press the key according to your query and connect with a representative.

Complain Finnair through social media:  

This is another option to fill out the complaints you face at the airport or on the flight while travelling. If you want to choose this option for the complaint, you need to open social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and go to the official page of Finnair airlines. Now find out the complaint form, fill in the required details that mention the problem you face, and click to send it.   

Complain Finnair via email id: 

Finnair also provides their passenger with an option to fill out the complaint through Finnair's email id. 

How do I email Finnair?

If any passenger wants to file a complaint, they need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open their registered email id and click to compose a mail. 

  • After that, they will have to fill out the complaint in the mail. 

  • Send it to Finnair's official complaint email id. 

  • They will work on your complaint.

With the help of the ways mentioned above, the passenger will be able to complain to Finnair airlines. The representative of Finnair will work on your complaint and connect with you within 24 hours after filing the complaint. If you find any difficulty in doing that, you can contact Finnair's official representative. They will provide you with the best possible ways to solve your query.

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