How can I get United status quickly?

How can I get United status quickly?

If you fly with any star alliance partner’s flight, then you can take advantage of United Airlines’ elite status program, which is also known as MileagePlus Premier. United Airlines offers four elite tiers, which are Premier Gold, Premier Silver,  Premier 1K, and Premier Platinum. To get United Airlines status by using the fastest way. So, you can buy more expensive tickets if you want to get elite status quickly. For example, if you buy a first or business-class ticket then you will earn 698 premier qualifying points, and if you buy an economy-class ticket, then you will get only 128 PQP.   

Can you buy status on United?

Yes, you can also purchase united premier qualifying points by using the premier Accelerator. If you do not want to opt for that, then spend on eligible united credit cards. If you are a credit card holder or low-tier elite member, then you need to pay the amount of $119 to buy a United Airlines status. 

How can I get my United Silver status fast? 

If you want to earn a base level silver premier status, then for that, you need to earn 8 PQFs and 3,000 TO 3,500 PQP, and for that, you need to fly with United Airlines or any star Alliance partner’s flight at least four times. 

How do you get PQP United without flying?

If you have MileagePlus miles for United, then also you can earn United Airlines PQP, or to get United Gold status, you can use their co-branded credit that can be used for everyday purchases. 

How do I get 1K status on United?

If you are a United member and you want to earn 1K status, then you need to fly 54 PQF, and you must earn 18,000 PQP, or you can earn 24,000 PQP. You need to be a member of executive flex, too, if you want to earn the IK status on United.

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