How do I get in touch with Sunwing?

How do I get in touch with Sunwing? 

Travelers can communicate with an expert at Sunwing to gather customer support for their flight reservations. If you need help with your flight booking, you can stick to multiple ways to reach Sunwing Airlines customer service. Travelers can reach out to customer support individuals to get help with several things associated with their flight reservations. 

Various methods to contact Sunwing Airlines customer service:

Passengers can communicate with the customer service executives at the airline by following the below-mentioned options: 

Sunwing Airlines phone number:

The Sunwing Airline customer service number 1 (877) 877-1755 or +1-802-430-6211 (24*7 Toll-free) is available on the official website of Sunwing ( which allows users to communicate with the customer support personnel for help support. Passengers will hear an automated voice on the call, delivering options. Select an appropriate option on the page to connect with the concerned department at the airline. The professionals will connect back to address all your doubts and queries with the airline. You can find ample solutions as far as your problems are concerned.

For more information, contact the Sunwing representative by the details provided below:

  1. If you need help or have any questions related to your flight, dial 1-877-786-9464.

  2. For Sunwing flight departure/arrival information, dial 1-877-978-6946.

  3. For Sunwing Airlines' Flight status and alerts, visit.

When you connect with the Sunwing customer service executives via the Sunwing phone number 1 (877) 877-1755, do not forget to take notes and also write down your query reference number for future reference purposes. 

Sunwing Airlines Customer Service Email:

Compose and drop an email on the Sunwing customer service email address to find help and support with your flight reservation. You could also request a call back from the customer service executives at the airline not only via the Sunwing airline's phone number but via the customer service email. Professionals on the customer support team will get back to you in an instant. It takes 48 hours at the maximum for the professional to reply to your email. 

Access the Sunwing customer service email address on the official website. The email option is present under the contact us option on the page. You can find ample support and effective assistance over an email as email allows travelers to keep proof of their conversation with the customer support executive at the airline. 

Sunwing Airlines Live Chat: 

Travelers can communicate with someone via the Sunwing chat option present on the website under the contact us option on the page. Initiate a live chat with a Sunwing customer support person. The customer support live person works round the clock to address all your issues and problems that you may face as far as customer support and services are concerned. 

Sunwing Airlines Social media:

The Sunwing social media handle is released and managed by the airline to offer support and guidance to travelers. You can find a plethora of options on the page to connect with someone at Sunwing. Social media offers instant and quick solutions to travelers looking for help and support.

Sunwing Airlines complaints form on the website:

Travelers can connect with Sunwing customer service at the airline by reaching out to customer support professionals for help and assistance. You can fill out the details on the complaints form by accessing the complaints and feedback section on the page. The complaints and feedback page allow professionals to connect with the Sunwing customer support team. Submit the form and you will receive a callback from the concerned department at the airline.

How do I get a hold of Sunwing?

Customer support is an essential requirement for any consumer-oriented business, and for airlines, the need for quality customer support becomes even more firm.

Steps to get a hold of Sunwing Customer Service?

  • Visit the Sunwing Airways homepage ( and reach down to the bottom of the page.

  • Look for the “Corporate” section and press the “Contact Us” link. The Sunwing customer service page will appear on your screen.

  • The Sunwing contact number for general customer support is mentioned under the “Need help or have a question” text. Use this number to call Sunwing customer support.

  • One can simply use the contact number under “Record flight departure/arrival information” for purposes as evident by the text.

  • Travelers from the US or Canada can find a dedicated customer support hotline at the end of the webpage.

How do I complain to Sunwing?

The main path to making the complaint to Sunwing is to fill out their complaint form. Then you’ll be able to make the complaint. There are also alternate ways to make your complaint. You can call the official number of Sunwing, live chat with them, or even email your complaint to customer support Sunwing. Then your issue will be quickly resolved. 

Procedure to make the complaint from Sunwing. 

To know the procedure to make a complaint to Sunwing, follow the information which is given below. Once you have followed the step-by-step guide below, you’ll be able to choose to connect with Sunwing customer service shortly. 

Fill up the Sunwing complaint form - 

  • Access Sunwing’s official website. (

  • Now choose the “Contact us” option.

  • On the new page, you’ll come across the heading “Questions, complaints, or appreciation?” 

  • Under the title mentioned above, you need to select the link, “Please send us your feedback.”

  • Once you the new page, you’ll come across the options related to your query. 

  • Follow the queue of questions and possibilities. Then, you’ll be asked to write your complaint in detail at the end. 

  • That is it. Soon your complaint will be looked after by the Sunwing customer service team. 

What are the alternate ways to complain about Sunwing Airlines? 

You can go through the below-mentioned alternate way to make the complaint to Sunwing. 

Call upon Sunwing Phone number - 

You need to dial the Sunwing phone number i.e., +1-802-430-6211 (toll-free hotline) or 1-877-786-9464. Soon, you’ll come across the automated voice service. Select the option of “Feedback or complaint.” Now your call will be transferred to the complaints team. You only need to ensure that you have shared your complaint in detail. Rest will be taken care of by the Sunwing. 

Email your complaint - 

You can email your complaint to the official email address of Sunwing. You can even attach the relevant documents to your official email. 

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