How do I use a Sunwing travel voucher?

How do I use a Sunwing travel voucher? 

You can use the  Sunwing travel voucher while booking the Sunwing flight tickets. Sunwing voucher can be applied in the last steps of payment on your next vacation package with the same flight. The Sunwing vouchers can not be redeemed for cash, are non-transferable, and are also not for group booking. Moreover, before using the Sunwing voucher you have to know all the terms and conditions. 

How to redeem the Sunwing voucher? 

You can not redeem the Sunwing voucher because the voucher is not redeemed for cash. If you try to redeem the Sunwing voucher then there is no option to redeem them and you failed to do it. Sunwing voucher code is only applicable in the last payment of your last flight. 

Are Sunwing travel vouchers transferable? 

No, the Sunwing travel vouchers are non-transferable and there is no cash value. If you want to use the Sunwing voucher then you can contact your agent and Sunwing customer service to use it for your next flight booking. Also, the Sunwing voucher refund is not eligible or non-refundable. 

What is Sunwing's voucher policy? 

Sunwing vouchers policy is below mentioned that you have to follow while using the voucher code:-

  • You can use Sunwing vouchers in the final payment of the flight on the next vacation package. 
  • You can cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking the flight. 
  • Also, you will get a full refund of your ticket if you book the flight more than a week before the date of departure.

How to check the Sunwing voucher balance? 

If you want to check the Sunwing voucher balance then there is only one option you have to connect with the Sunwing customer service at 1-877-786-9464. Firstly, dial the Sunwing phone number that appeared, and then you have to select one number according to your issues, and then you can check the Sunwing voucher balance. 

How long are Sunwing travel vouchers good for? 

All the customers that are impacted by the cancellation of travel due to the pandemic and those who have the non-refundable ticket that will be able to use the credits for travel up to September 30, 2026. 

Where is my Sunwing voucher? 

You will find your Sunwing voucher in your E-Documents option. 
Below are the following steps that you have to follow.

Steps to check Sunwing Voucher:

  • Visit the official website of Sunwing Travel. (
  • Go to my booking tab and open it. 
  • Search for your E-Documents.
  • Move to the Sunwing vouchers. 
  • Lastly, you are eligible to use the Sunwing voucher code in the last payment. 

Do Sunwing vouchers expire?

Yes, Sunwing voucher expiry, and the majority of future travel voucher credits were set to expire by June 20, 2022. If you are an old customer who gets the Sunwing voucher many times then you know about that already. But this is for the new customer, the voucher expiration date appears after 1-2 weeks. You have a valid time to use the voucher for your next flight and save the ticket fare.  

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