Get Extra Legroom Seats On Air France Flights

How to get extra legroom on Air France? 

A person wanting extra legroom on their reserved flight with Air France can opt for the prior seat selection and choose the desired seat on the plane. The seat selection option is available on the website and at the Air France help desk. Remember that there will be an Air France extra legroom charge depending on the fare condition and the destination you are flying to. 

Detailed explanation on how to get extra legroom with Air France:

From Website

When flying with Air France and having a direct reservation, you can benefit from the official website for your travel requirements. Following are the steps for selecting a seat with extra legroom on your existing flight:

  • Open the Air France homepage and choose the “My Bookings” window,
  • You must put the reservation code and name as per your reservation,
  • After getting your booking details on the page, you should select the “Seat Selection” option,
  • The seat map will show the vacant extra legroom seats for making fare choices,
  • As you choose a seat with extra legroom based on your suitability, you will proceed to the payment page,
  • You must pay the applicable fee for the seat selection, and the extra legroom seat on your Air France flight will be confirmed. 

From Call Center

The official personnel are available at the Air France call center, which can help you with the requirement of an extra legroom seat on the flight for which you have made your reservation. Call the following number: 1 (800) 237-2747, and once you connect with official personnel, request the Air France extra legroom seat. Now, for this, you will be asked to share your reservation code along with the name. The airline personnel will now let you know the extra legroom seats availability with the cost, and according to your suitability, you can provide your confirmation. 

What is the extra legroom seat on Air France? 

The extra legroom seat on Air France has more than the average distance between your row and front row to sit comfortably during the journey while extending your leg fully. If you have a long haul, then you should book an extra legroom seat for the utmost comfort. The Air France extra legroom seat is located in the front row of the plane and on the exit rows. 

Is the Air France duo seat worth it? 

The Air France duo seats are ideal for travelers traveling with a companion and wanting to be seated together without interference from a third passenger. The Duo seat option on the Air France flights ensures you a 2-row seat. Even if you are not traveling with someone and would still like to minimize the interaction with fellow passengers, then the Duo seat would be the best choice and will be worth your money. 

Does Air France Premium Economy have bigger seats?

Yes, The Air France Premium Economy offers bigger seats, which are more comfortable and ideal for long-haul flight journeys. On average, the premium economy seats are 19 inches wider and have a pitch of 36 to 38 inches. 

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