How Can I Change My Flight Date In KLM Airlines?

A Detailed Guide on KLM Airline Flight Change

It is not always necessary that you go according to the plan when it comes to the flight schedule you have or the flight dates you have with any specific airline. There are often some unavoidable circumstances that don't allow you to go through with the current or the future reservation.

If you have a future flight booking with KLM Airlines and due to some unavoidable circumstances, you can no longer fly with the reservation you have, and you need to change flight date in KLM airlines, then you can do that quickly if you follow the points mentioned below.

How can I change my KLM flight date?

You can go through with the procedure of changing KLM flight with the help of the below-mentioned ways;

Through KLM Official Website-

You can change your flight date in KLM airlines with the help of the official website of KLM Airlines;

  • On the default browser, you use on your device, visit the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Locate and click on the option ‘My Trip.’
  • The following page will help you to change the flight date you have with KLM Airlines.

Through KLM Airline Phone Number-

You can also change your flight date with the help of KLM Airlines Phone number;

  • If you have a Flying Blue ticket, you can only change your flight ticket with the help of phone support.
  • You can find the official KLM Airline contact number i.e. 1 (800) 618-0104 present on the ‘Changing a Flight’ page of KLM Airlines.

How much does it cost to reschedule a KLM flight?

If you wish to know about the KLM charge to change flight, then the amount that KLM charges varies depending upon the number of times you’ve made the change and the type of flight booking you have with KLM Airlines.

The charge that KLM charges for changes in flight vary from 75 USD to 200 USD depending upon the booking you have and the destination you've booked.

When can I change my flight date KLM?

According to the KLM flight change policy, you can change your flight date 48 hours before the departure time you have till the time of your departure.

The flight booking can only be made after 4 days from making the flight booking changes.

How many times can you change flight KLM?

If you wish to change your KLM flight ticket and you wish to do it for free, then you can make changes for a maximum of 3 times on your KLM flight ticket.

Contemporary if you want to make further changes then you can do that as well, but for that, you’d have to pay a service fee and charges for the same.

How late can you change a KLM flight?

The maximum time for you to make changes or corrections on your KLM flight ticket is 30 hours.

If you wish to make changes or you wish to make any corrections to the passenger details on the KLM flight ticket, and you do not wish to pay any service fee, then you’d have to make the changes 30 hours before your departure time.

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