How to choose seat on KLM Airline?

KLM Seat Selection:

If you are planning to get your seat on a KLM flight, you need to get your reservation done through the online process, as it is one of the most used & common ways for seat selection. Now to know about KLM seat selection online, then some simple & easy steps are will provide the best assistance & you will get a seat on KLM Airlines.

Does KLM let you choose seats on the flight?

Yes, KLM allows passengers to choose a seat on a flight through the website or by calling a KLM representative at 1 (681) 628-0104 or 1 (800) 618-0104. KLM allows passengers to pre-book seats so they can pick a preferred seating choice VS being allocated a seat at random.

KLM seat selection is possible through a variety of alternatives, which are mentioned below.

  • Manage booking allows you to choose your seat ahead of time where you need to provide your booking code and the last name to proceed.

  • At the time of online check-in through the KLM website also you can choose your seat in advance.

  • At the airport gate and the check-in counter, you are allowed to choose your seat with KLM Airlines.

And if you are facing any problem while selecting a seat at KLM Airlines online then you are free to contact the KLM customer service and speak to a KLM representative on the KLM Airlines phone number 1 (800) 618-0104. They are ready to assist their customers 24/7.

How to choose seats on a KLM flight?

  1. Visit the website of KLM Airlines through the browser page on your device.

  2. Then after that, you login into your airline account using your username/id & password.

  3. Now tap on the manage my booking tab on the homepage. 

  4. Now type your PNR number & last name of the passenger.

  5. Select your flight from the list & then and click on the edit option. 

  6. Next, you need to click on the select seat tab & therein, and you will first select your class accordingly. 

  7. After that, choose your seat & then click on the save tab.

  8. Now you will have to pay some seat selection charges & that will show up on your screen.

  9. Next, enter your credit/debit card details & then you will receive the text for the verification code.

  10. Enter the code in the verification field box & then your payment for seat selection will be done & you will receive an email for opting seat summary.

Therefore, through these above-given steps, you will surely get KLM seat selection without any trouble & with convenience & the online process is much faster & convenient for seat booking on KLM airlines.

However, to know about the policies designed for seat selection, you should go through the KLM seat selection policy that will provide you appropriate guidance & assistance regarding seat getting on KLM airlines.

So it is mandatory to know the KLM seat selection policy.

KLM Seat Selection Policy:

  • According to seat selection on KLM airline policy, passengers have to pay an extra fee to choose an extra comfortable seat in economy class.

  • The passenger will get a refund if they have purchased an extra comfortable seat but haven’t been allocated the same on the flight.

  • Lastly, if a customer has selected a seat near emergency exits, it becomes mandatory for you to comprehend all the safety instructions.

When can I choose my seats on KLM?

Everyone would want to select their seat before boarding the flight. Well, in the case of KLM, you can choose your seat anytime before the check-in closes. As per the KLM seat selection policy, you can choose a standard seat while making a reservation and during check-in without any additional cost. Moreover, we will also update you about selecting your seat with KLM.

What is a preferred seat on KLM Airlines?

If you want to know the preferred seats on KLM Airlines you can find out the details here. The following are the specifics regarding the preferred seating options offered by KLM to passengers.

  • The very first row seats after Economy Comfort are designated as Preferred Seats on KLM Airlines flights.

  • Apart from preferred seat proximity to the exit gate, they do not provide any other facility such as more leg space, or anything else.

  • You may select a preferred seat on KLM flights first at the time of reservation, subsequently on the Manage Booking page via its website, or even during online or airport check-in with them.

Does KLM have Economy Comfort seats?

Yes, KLM offers Economy comfort seats with extra legroom and the flexibility to recline. Economy Comfort seats are mostly opted by the people who want to make their flying experience more relaxing. More information on the Economy comfort seats offered by KLM Airlines may be found below.

  • Economy Comfort seats are positioned behind Business Class and give the very same service level as regular Economy Class.

  • Economy comfort seats feature four inches of extra legroom and a seat back that reclines almost double.

  • Economy comfort seats have a power plug allowing charging of mobile or laptop.

  • Economy Comfort seats are a lot more relaxing as they can be reclined almost double.

  • Economy comfort seats include a 9-11-inch display providing entertainment during the journey.

How much does KLM charge for seats?

If you want to know how much it costs to pick a seat on a KLM Airlines flight, you can find out the detailed information here. The correct information regarding the cost that KLM charge for seats is provided below.

  • KLM Airlines charges a 21 US Dollars fee for the economy class travellers who choose to pick a seat in advance on a flight with them.

  • But on the other side, KLM Airlines exempts the seat booking fee for the passengers who have the membership of Flying Blue cards with the silver tier or above status.

  • Travellers who purchase Full Flex economy with KLM Airlines are exempted from any costs for choosing a seat with them in advance.

Can you change a seat after check-in at KLM?

On KLM Airlines, passengers may wish to change seats multiple times, which is also allowed. However, do you know though you might change a seat on KLM Airlines after check-in? Kindly read the info given below to know if you may select seats on KLM Airlines after check-in to change them.

  • You may just log in again and see the possibilities for changing your seat if you have done the online check-in with KLM Airlines.

  • Apart from that, KLM Airlines allows customers to pick their seats from the time of reservation through 24 hours before departure.

  • Seats can be changed through the KLM Airline's website under Manage Bookings or by calling its reservation number.

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