How do I check my KLM voucher code?

How do I check my KLM voucher?

A voucher during travelling can be helpful to make the trip successful and cost-friendly. Though many passengers struggle to check the KLM voucher, you go with the below-mentioned easy steps if you are working for the same. 

  • First, open the browser. 

  • Click on the search box and go to the KLM Website.

  • Here you can see the Travel voucher section on the main page. 

  • You can see the request voucher section and then get the information about it.

How do I check my KLM voucher status?

Many flyers mess up when it comes to redeeming the voucher because they don’t know about the KLM voucher status. It is easy to check the status, but you have to follow some steps. 

  • Go to the KLM Website 

  • Next, go to the “My trip” section 

  • Here fill out the last name and booking code 

  • You can see the current status of the booking 

  • Once the request is initiated, then you can find the voucher details.

  • If it is showing active, then you can utilize it for booking. 

How do I redeem my KLM EMD voucher?

You can use the KLM travel voucher as a payment method to purchase a new ticket later or for any other service, if you don't want to pay a booking fee. Simply enter KLM voucher code number during payment. Your KLM voucher number must consists of 13 numbers and starts with 074. To redeem the KLM EMD voucher process is challenging, especially for those struggling to use it during booking. 

You can redeem the KLM EMD voucher only when you are running the booking process. 

  • Go to the KLM website or you can call the KLM customer service at 1 (800) 618-0104.

  • Search the KLM flight by providing the necessary details like origin, destination as well as the date for travelling 

  • Further, you have to choose the flight, and then you have to mention the 13-digit EMD number in your voucher section. 

  • The airline will automatically check the status and apply for the voucher benefits on tickets. 

In this way, you can utilize the KLM voucher booking process. If you find that you are eligible but are not provided with the available benefits, you can speak to the live person at KLM Airlines at 1 (800) 618-0104. 

How do I use my KLM voucher?

Many people don’t know about the process of using a KLM voucher. It becomes more challenging when the flyer makes the reservation at the last moment. Below, you can go through some easy steps in which you can learn how to use the KLM voucher

  • Open the KLM mobile application or search the KLM website if you are not using the mobile application. 

  • Next, go to the book with us section. 

  • Here you can search for a flight, and when making payment, you have to mention a specific digit of the KLM voucher. 

  • The rest of the process will be managed by the airlines, and you will get the final tickets with the applied fare.

How long are KLM vouchers valid for?

You can use the KLM vouchers within a year of purchasing. Though, if you have crossed this time, then you will not be able to utilize it. If you believe that you will not use the KLM voucher in the future, you can turn the KLM voucher into cash but only when it is refundable. In case of non-refundable, you are allowed to use it and leverage it at its optimum and make the travelling cost-friendly or get the low fare tickets.

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