How to book group flight tickets for Singapore Airlines?

How to book group flight tickets for Singapore Airlines?

Are you planning a vacation with friends, family, or even your extended family? In the case of traveling together for a holiday, it’s a case that the more, the merrier. Long journeys can be a bit dull, but it becomes more enjoyable with some company.

Many airlines readily provide a “group book” facility for their flights. One can use the option for making group reservations present on the online booking portal of the Airline or contact a sales representative too. If you plan to travel with Singapore Airlines and are looking for some information on Singapore Airlines group booking, reading further may help you.

What is the maximum number of Singapore Airlines bookings allowed in one transaction?

One can book a maximum number of:

  • Four tickets in first class.
  • Six tickets in business class.
  • six tickets in premium economy class
  • Nine tickets in economy class

If you require to book for more people than this, you still can make multiple bookings in several goes. In case the number of passengers with you is ten or more, you would have to contact the local Singapore Airlines office.

How do I get a group booking for Singapore Airlines?

  • Get to the Singapore Airlines official page or dial 1 (800) 742-3333 / +1-802-430-6211
  • Search for the flight suitable for you and select the number of passengers.
  • Fill in the details of each passenger and keep on proceeding one individual at a time.
  • Once the details are submitted, the flight itinerary will open, and you can choose the seats for each passenger.
  • Vacant flight seats might not be available next to each other on some occasions, but you can look for any other unreserved seat.
  • The steps to be followed next would be the same as that of an individual booking.
  • Confirm the booking, and you will receive an email at the mentioned email address for the same.

Are there any benefits of Singapore Airlines group booking?

Getting discounts on group bookings is a myth. Airline tickets may be cheaper for group reservations, though it may not be the case every time as airfare varies daily. The only thing guaranteed is that all of the tickets are offered at one price. Even if there is a discount, it may only be a small amount. At other times, you can even find the price surprisingly to be a bit costlier than usual.

How to get help from customer service for Singapore Airlines group booking?

Are you unable to book Singapore Airlines group tickets for some reason, or have some essential queries to be answered? Contact Singapore Airlines customer support and ask them about their concerns. The details of the customer support can be found as described ahead.

  • Get to the homepage of Singapore Airlines and hit on the “Help” option at the top-left of the page.
  • The Contact Us web page will load up and show you the complete set of guidelines and options for getting to the relevant customer support team.
  • You can explore this page and see which option suits you the most.

The Singapore Airlines customer service may also be able to give you some insights on your group reservation or provide some good deals if available. You can further ask for assistance on a group reservation.

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