How do I Request Assistance with Singapore Airlines?

How do I request assistance with Singapore Airlines?

Singapore Airlines is one of the most prominent airlines. If you require any special assistance from Singapore Airlines, they provide you with the services you need from them. Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore that serves world-class services to its passengers. They offer you the best services possible from their assistance, ensuring you get the services you need from them.

If you wish to raise a request for special assistance from Singapore Airlines, you can visit their official site and see the icon that says special assistance. Do click in there and raise a request for the same. Apart from simply visiting their sites, Singapore airline's customer services provide you with the help you require. You will easily take assistance from their representatives and get the possible benefits you need from them. 

The Singapore Airlines telephone number is easily accessible. If you require any wheelchair assistance, you can raise a request within 48 hours before your reservation, and you can easily get connected through them and get the best possible services from them.

Steps through which you can quickly raise a request for special assistance from Singapore airlines. 

  • First and foremost, do visit the homepage of Singapore airlines. 

  • Do scroll down the screen to find an option that says special assistance and click in there. 

  • Do raise a special request you require from them and make sure you get the services you need by simply submitting your request. 

By simply dialling their contact number, you can quickly raise or request assistance from Singapore airlines and get your required services. And make sure you get the services you require from their representatives as they provide you with the special assistance you need from them and get special aid you need through Singapore airlines. 

How do I request a wheelchair on Singapore Airlines? 

If you have a booking with Singapore Airlines and need wheelchair assistance, you can follow the steps below to make your request. You can follow the process below to request a wheelchair on Singapore Airlines online.

  • Firstly, launch the website of Singapore Airlines and go to the help section 

  • On the help page, scroll down and locate the 'Fly with us' section

  • Go to the special assistance page and locate the section 'What kind of assistance do you need.'

  • You need to choose the wheelchair option and then navigate to the form below.

  • Fill in all the required details, attach the required documents, agree to terms and then click on 'Submit' to process your request.

You can also speak to Singapore Airlines customer care to process your request, or you can contact the local Singapore airline office to get additional information. 

Do you have to pay extra for wheelchair assistance in Singapore Airlines at the airport? 

No, you don't have to pay extra for wheelchair assistance in Singapore Airlines. You can let the airline know in advance that you need wheelchair assistance so that the airline can arrange for the same in advance, and you don't have to wait for it at the airport. Besides, you should reach the airport 2-3 hours before departure.

What is Singapore Airlines special assistance for the elderly? 

If you are traveling with the elderly, you can request Singapore Airlines' special assistance for the elderly from the airline anytime. Below are some types of assistance that the airline offers for the elderly. You can discover the detailed information by visiting the official website of airlines.

Singapore Airlines Medical assistance:

If there is a medical condition, you can request the airline to provide all the necessary assistance. The Singapore airlines team is happy to help you provide a safe and comfortable journey.

Singapore Airlines Wheelchair assistance:

If required, you can request wheelchair assistance for mobility from one place to another. The airline also provides meet and assist service for eldering in case of flight transfers.

Singapore Airlines Disability assistance:

If the passengers are visually impaired or hearing impaired, the airline takes care of it. The airline assists the elderly at the airport, onboard, and while landing.

What is the Disability assistance of Singapore Airlines?

Disability assistance means that if you are a disabled person, whether visually impaired or hearing impaired, the airline will provide special care and assistance to you. The airline assists disabled passengers at the airport, during the flight, or at the time of flight connection. For Singapore Airlines' special assistance, you must submit your request 48 hours before the departure by contacting the local Singapore airline office or filling out the special request form online.

Here is what the Singapore airline offers to passengers with a disability:

For visually impaired:- 

The cabin staff conduct special safety verifying before taking off and help orientate their surroundings. The staff also assist in preparing meal consumption and help in identifying food items.

For the hearing impaired:- 

The inflight safety video is available in sign language that passengers can go through.

For passengers who require special seating arrangements, the airline provides complete assistance.

What are the meet and assist services of Singapore Airlines?

Meet and assist services of Singapore Airlines are for the passengers who need special assistance. The airline's meet and assist service team takes care of you at the airport during boarding, disembarkation, and flight transfers for elderly or non-speaking English passengers and those with sensory impairment or cognitive disabilities. You can request the service by calling local Singapore Airlines offices.

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