Cathay Pacific Baggage Allowance & Its Rules

What is Cathay Pacific's baggage policy?

Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong-based flag carrier that offers flights to more than 200 destinations. If any passengers have an upcoming flight, then they can read the Cathay Pacific baggage policy to know about the weight limit and other relevant information. Given are a few points from the airline's policy regarding baggage:

  • No passenger is allowed to carry the baggage weighing more than 32 kg.
  • If any baggage exceeds the provided weight limit, then you have to pay some extra charges.
  • Any passenger who is unable to find their baggage must immediately contact customer service, and they will help you in reclaiming it.
  • The airline allows passengers to bring oversized baggage to the cabin. However, they have to book a separate seat for the item or the baggage.
  • Passengers can add a piece of extra baggage to their flight during the check-in process through the online method or at the airport.

What is the baggage allowance for Cathay Pacific economy?

Passengers with Economy Fight tickets can bring one handbag and one carry-on bag for free. However, if you want to carry an additional bag, then you need to pay some extra charges. The Cathay Pacific check-in baggage allowance for Business class is two bags and three free bags for First class.

What is 2PC baggage in Cathay Pacific?

The PC in baggage allowance determines the number of baggage you are allowed to carry on the flight. If your ticket has a 2 PC baggage allowance, then you can bring two pieces of checked baggage without paying any charges. The weight limit of this baggage is 23 kg each for Economy class and 32 kg each for First and Business class. The complete dimension of the baggage has to be within 158 cm.

How much carry-on luggage is allowed in Cathay Pacific?

The carry-on luggage allowed by Cathay Pacific depends upon the travel class you have booked. The luggage has to be small to fit in the overhead compartment or under the front seat. The maximum dimension allowed for the baggage is 56 x 36 x 23cm. If your baggage exceeds the weight and the dimension limit, then you might have to pay some extra charges. To know about the weight limit of carry-on baggage for each class, read the given information:

  • Economy Class - One piece of carry-on baggage is allocated with a maximum weight of 7 Kg.
  • Business Class - Passengers are allowed with one carry-on luggage that must not exceed 10 kg of weight limit.
  • First Class - You are not allowed to carry more than 15 kg of carry-on baggage.

Is Cathay Pacific strict with baggage weight?

Cathay Pacific is very strict with their baggage policy and does not accept any bag that exceeds the weight or the dimension limit. The maximum weight allowed is 32 kg with a 208 cm maximum dimension. If you have any upcoming flights with the airline, then it is recommended that you read carefully about their allowance. The Cathay Pacific baggage allowance is already mentioned on the e-ticket, and you can also check it through the "Manage Booking" option on the official website.

Can I bring one backpack and one carry on Cathay Pacific?

Every passenger who has booked a flight with Cathay Pacific, no matter what travel class, is allowed to bring a backpack and one carry-on bag for free. The weight allowed for a carry-on bag depends on the ticket allowance. These items are placed under your front seat or in the overhead bin. To get further information on Cathay Pacific baggage allowance international, you can reach out to customer service or read the baggage policy.