Southwest Airlines Baggage Allowance & Policy

Details about Southwest Airlines Baggage Allowance:

Traveling plans made with air transport could be an to achieve a quicker and more delightful journey experience. But various elements need to be observed, and baggage is among the crucial ones. Consequently, when you have opted for Southwest Airlines as a travel partner then, you also get to keep an eye on these subjects. It is because they varied as per the fare types, and you could be allowed to board within its permissible limit.

What is Southwest Airlines Baggage policy? 

On Southwest Airlines, the number of bags that can be brought onto a flight could be stipulated as per the set terms and conditions. However, that provision can be acknowledged from the Southwest Airlines Baggage policy, which has been displayed at the bottom topics:-

Carry on bags

Several bags that can be taken into a cabin could be considered handbags, and the detailed information is:-

  • You were able to bring a personal item with a carry-on bag without paying an additional cost.
  • The dimensions of carry-on bags should not exceed 24” + 16” + 10” 

Checked bags

When you are traveling with bags that are more than carry, then you get to submit the same to the airline counter. And the details of Southwest Airlines Baggage Allowance have been displayed at the bottom points:- 

  • The first two checked bags are free
  • The dimension of each bag should not exceed 62 linear inches
  • Bags weights must not exceed 24 kg each
  • More than three bags could a cost of $125 could be imposed.

Overweight and oversized bags

A bag requirement might not fit into the prescribed limit, and for that, you can look into overweight as well as oversized provisions.

  • For dimensions 62 to 80 linear inches, the cost is $125.
  • For weight between 24 kg to 31 kg, charges $100 per bag
  • For the weight of 32 kg to 45 kg, the cost is 125.
  • A bag exceeding 70 linear inches and 45 kg may not be accepted by the airline. 

How many bags does Southwest Airlines allow for free? 

Southwest Airlines is recognized as the world's largest low-cost carrier, and it is based in the United States. Despite being an economical airline, they have leniency in their policy that includes bags. It can be said so because you could be able to take bags on a flight for free, and those are as such:-

  • One carry-on bag with a personal item
  • Two checked bags

How much luggage can I carry on Southwest Airlines?

On Southwest Airlines, luggage can be carried by its policy. However, you can bring a maximum of 1 handbag with personal items in the cabin and two checked bags for free. Further, you can take more than two, but you could have to pay an additional charge for the same. 


Hence, you can identify the requisite information on Southwest Airlines Baggage fees that is from $100 to $125 with the other relevant factors. If something is confusing to understand, then you can approach their customer service team.