Porter Airlines Baggage Allowance

What is Porter Airlines baggage allowance?

While traveling with Porter Airlines, you have to carry the baggage as per the airline's instructions, and the Porter Airlines baggage allowance will vary as per the class of your bookings and your seat type. Still, if you are traveling on basic fare, then you can carry one personal item bag, but if you are traveling on any other fare, then you are allowed to take one private item bag with one standard carry-on bag. Porter Airlines also allows you to carry a checked bag that is not more than 32 kg, and the first checked bag is free, but to take more than one, you have to pay the charges. 

What are the Porter Airlines baggage policies?

There are several Porter Airlines baggage policies and having information about them is essential but if you are not entirely aware of the baggage policies of Poter Airlines, then you need to follow the information below. 

  • Customers can only use the luggage that is allowed in their class of bookings, and in case if they want to carry more items, then they have to pay the additional cost. 
  • The dimensions of a personal item bag must be under 33x43x16cm; for a standard bag, the dimensions must be 50x40x23cm. The shape and size of the bag must be such that it can easily fit in the lower seat of the upper head bin. The length of the checked bag does not need to be more them 158cm or 62 linear inches. 
  • The porter airlines also allow you to carry sports equipment such as golf clubs, cricket kits, etc but the weight needs to be under 32 kg and if the size and weight of the baggage do not fulfill the requirements, then the customer has to send the items through cargo. 
  • Certain items are restricted by the airlines that you can not carry while traveling, such are Alcohol and liquor, batteries, dry ice, gel, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, firearms, ammunition, etc.
  • If any customers are looking to travel with a pet, then they have to carry that with their carry-on luggage. 

How many bags are allowed on Porter Airlines?

  • For basic fare: Customer can only carry one personal item bag
  • For standard class: Customers can bring one personal item and one carry-on bag without paying charges. 
  • For flexible and free fare: Customers are allowed to carry one personal item bag, one carry-on bag, and one checked bag without paying charges. 

Is Porter strict with a carry-on?

Yes, Porter Airlines is strict with carry-on bags as customers need to carry the luggage as per the airline's instructions, and if they do not do that, they are not allowed by the airlines to travel. If the customer wants to carry more luggage than allowed, then they will need to pay the additional charges. 

Does Porter charge for baggage?

Yes, customers have to pay the Porter Airlines baggage fee while traveling with Porter Airlines, and these numbers will vary as per the number of bags. Still, they have to pay between 27 USD to 240 USD. 

How much is a checked bag with Porter Airlines?

The weight of the checked bag on Porter Airlines must be under 23 kg, and its total dimension must to 158cm. If the weight exceeds it is in between 23 to 32 kg, then the customer has to pay additional charges. 

How much does the carry-on cost for Porter Airlines?

Porter Airlines does not charge any fee for carry-on bags but if the weight of the bag gets exceeded then you have to send a bag with checked baggage. In case you are carrying extra baggage then you have to pay the charges of Porter Airlines extra baggage which is around 27 USD to 250 USD.