Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance & Policy

Guide for Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance

Now, no worries about your baggage and carry-on if you are flying with Qatar Airways. You will find it worth reading this content because, after that, you will be aware of the Qatar Airways Baggage Allowance rules and guidelines, along with how much it sometimes costs when you purchase extra baggage and how much luggage you can carry. You will be answering almost Qatar Airways baggage-related questions. Let's start discussing more in the next section. 

Qatar Airways Checked Baggage Guidelines:

  • Qatar has allowed luggage sizes not more than 158 cm by piece and must not exceed 300 cm in summation of length, width, and height.
  • The baggage weight concept is also bound with the upper cap limit of 32 kg.
  • A baggage fee would be charged when the passenger exceeds the weight/size limit allowance on the Qatar flight ticket.

 Economy Baggage Allowance:

  • Two pieces are allowed.
  • Each must not exceed 23 kg.
  • Business Baggage Allowance.
  • Two pieces are allowed but can be increased as per the class type.
  • 32 kg of cap limit.

First Class Baggage Allowance:

  • Two bags are allowed but can be increased.
  • 32 kg but can be added more.

Qatar Airways Baggage Fees:

Here's the Qatar Airways Baggage fee structure for your Qatar Domestic and International flights checked baggage.

  • 50 kg weight and 62 linear inches in size would be the same for all baggage you allot.
  • $30, $45, $150, and $200, respectively, for the baggage you checked in order

What is Qatar Airways Baggage policy?

Qatar baggage policy is made according to the customer's ease and comfort. Kindly read the baggage policy and guide so you can plan your trip belongings per your needs and requirements. Below are some salient features of their baggage policy.

  • Your baggage must not exceed 45 kg of weight.
  • Business and first-class passengers can take three bags without paying extra.
  • Different carrier flights obey different baggage rules.
  • Your excess and overweight baggage charges depend on several factors like route, class, and others.
  • In delayed baggage case, it will be received within a day and can be delivered to your doorstep.
  • Report your damaged baggage immediately to the baggage counter at the respective airport.
  • Reach the Qatar customer service and inquire about your baggage if you have already reported or want to report it.
  • In the Baggage missing case, an escalation will be made within seven days of your arrival.

How many bags does Qatar Airways allow for free? 

Qatar Airways has allotted two bags in number to take freely, including the carry-on bag. Kindly refer to the Qatar Airways Baggage policy to know more about the baggage allowance and excess baggage fee.

How much luggage can I carry on Qatar Airways?

Normally, people who are traveling with Qatar Airways can carry up to 32 kg of weight limit respective to their class and fare type. If you want to carry more luggage, then by paying the excess weight limit, you can increase the weight limit up to 45 kg. Kindly refer to customer service to know more about the rules behind this.