Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Allowance

What is Hawaiian Airlines Baggage policy? 

Hawaiian Airlines provides the best-in-class flight service to Hawaii and several packages and benefits to enjoy your trip without any disturbances. The airline has been making a flexible baggage policy that provides you with comfort throughout your trip despite having the baggage and luggage. 

  • According to Hawaiian Airlines' baggage policy, the airline will charge you additional fees if you access the additional weight charges for each item exceeding 30 pounds ( 23 kg ) or 70 pounds ( 32 kg) based on market and ticket type. Suppose the belongings exceed a maximum of 100 pounds ( 45kg) and are not permitted by the airline.
  • In the case of size and dimension, the additional excess size charge applies for each belonging that exceeds 62 linear inches (157 linear cm ), and items exceeding 80 linear inches(206 linear cm) are not accepted. 
  • If you travel with Hawaiian Airlines on Military orders, each bag is limited to a maximum of 31 kg and 80 linear inches. 

How many bags does Hawaiian Airlines allow for free?

According to the Hawaiian Airlines baggage allowance, if you are traveling with first class, international travel, paulani gold/premier club/corporate members, GOV/MIL fare travel are permitted two bags free of cost, and the excess size and weight or particular item charge may apply separately. 

  • Pualani Platinum members are permitted three bags free of cost. Excess size and weight or special item charges may also apply in this case. 
  • Generally, the two complimentary checked bags are valued at the first and second checked bag charges. Additional checked bags above your total allowance will cost the following sequential bag fee. 
  • You can carry two complimentary checked bags for free if you are an active military member. Still, for that, you need to show your valid army identity so that it can be easier for the airline to verify the documents and provide you with the allowance. 

How much luggage can I carry on Hawaiian Airlines?

The airline charges Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees according to the amount of luggage and class type in the flight you have chosen for your journey. Suppose the checked bags are up to 50 lbs and 62 linear inches. In that case, the 1st checked bag is charged up to 25$ ( if you are a Hawaiian Miles member, then it costs you around 15$ ), and 2nd checked bag is charged up to $35 ( if you are a Hawaiian Miles member, then it costs you around 20$ Hawaiian miles members ) and if it is three or more checked bags ( per piece ), then it cost you around 50$. 

How can I connect with Hawaiian Airlines regarding the baggage? 

You can connect with Hawaiian Airlines regarding the baggage via a toll-free number 1-866-389-6654 That is available for 24 hours and seven days. After dialing the digits, you will connect with the IVR instructions; following that, you will connect with the executive; after that, you need to provide your details; based on that, the team will provide you with the baggage information and allowances.