WestJet Airlines Baggage Allowance

WestJet Airlines Baggage policies, restrictions, and allowance:

WestJet Airlines allows travelers to reach their decided destinations comfortably in different travel classes according to their preferences. This air carrier has also made several rules and policies to make the traveling process confusion-free for passengers. If you are considering making bookings on this airline and you are a little curious regarding baggage allowance, then you are suggested to read all the relevant details regarding WestJet baggage policies, allowance, and restrictions given below:

WestJet Airlines baggage policy:

Travelers traveling with WestJet Airlines must refer to the important WestJet Airlines Baggage policy given below:

  • Travelers must make sure that they carry luggage according to the set limit of the airlines.
  • Carry-on luggage must fit in the overhead bins of WestJet Airlines or under the allotted seats.
  • Travelers must be aware that they are not allowed to carry liquids of more than 100 ml in their bags.
  • Travelers are permitted to carry medical assistance devices like wheelchairs for free.
  • No sharp objects or harmful weapons can be taken in the bags. 
  • While measuring the size of your luggage, you must not exempt bag handles or wheels.

How many bags does WestJet Airlines allow for free?

Travelers are permitted to carry one bag along with one personal item for free on WestJet Airlines. Now that you are already aware of WestJet Airlines Baggage Allowance, you must stick to the limit to avoid paying any additional charges. 

How much luggage can I carry on WestJet Airlines?

Travelers can carry one bag and one personal bag for free on WestJet Airlines along with two to four checked bags by paying additional charges. If travelers exceed this limit set by the airline, then they are liable for paying WestJet Airlines Baggage fees that fluctuate from $30-150 depending upon the number of bags and weight. 

What is WestJet Airlines baggage allowance? 

WestJetAirlines has set particular dimensions and weightage to carry luggage. If you have made a reservation via this airline and are wondering what the permitted limit is, then you must refer to the following points:

  • The total allowed dimensions of checked-in bags must be under 157 cm. Also, the weights of the checked-in luggage must be under 23 kg. 
  • The carry on bag's dimensions must be 53 cm x 23 cm x 38cm. 
  • Active or veteran passengers traveling on WestJet Airlines are allowed to carry up to four bags without paying any additional payment. However, they must take care of the weight of the bags.

Things to remember regarding luggage while traveling with WestJet Airlines: 

If you are thinking of making a reservation with WestJet Airlines, then you must keep the following points regarding bags in mind:

  • Luggage must not be locked, as it needs to be inspected.
  • Fragile items must be packed carefully to prevent breakage or spillage.
  • Restricted items like explosives, inflammable items, or batters must not be carried in aircraft.
  • Expensive items like jewelry, keys, important papers, and mobile phones must be packed in carry-on bags. 
  • Bags must contain proper tags and must not be left unattended at the airport premises.